Learn How 1 Vaseline Purchase = 1 Healing Donation

What’s better than buying one of your favorite brands? Buying that brand and knowing that you are helping others by doing so. Right now when you purchase your favorite Vaseline product, that purchase will directly support Direct Relief to deliver Vaseline Jelly medical supplies and dermatological care to people affected by poverty or emergencies.

This post about Vaseline’s Healing Project is sponsored by Mirum Shopper.

1 Vaseline Purchase = 1 Healing Donation

Direct Relief is an international humanitarian aid organization, active in all 50 U.S. states and more than 70 countries, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty, natural disasters and other emergency situations. Through the partnership, The Healing Project is striving to help heal the skin of millions of people by Donating Vaseline products and medical supplies to those in need, sponsoring dermatologists to go on medical missions to treat patients in resource-poor communities or those recovering from natural disasters or other emergencies and develop and deploy training for community health workers to help correctly diagnose and treat skin conditions.

1 Vaseline Purchase = 1 Healing Donation

For most of us, skincare is second nature. But for those who live in property and emergency situations, basic skincare is a matter of health and wellbeing. For those people, Vaseline has developed The Healing Project. The goal is to help heal the skin of 5 million people living in poverty or emergency situations by 2020. And you can help – just by purchasing your favorite Vaseline products.

Whether it is Vaseline Advanced Relief to care for winter skin or Vaseline Lip Therapy for chapped lips. Your purchase will provide healing relief for those in need.

As the weather starts to shift (ever so slightly), I can already feel my lips drying out like they do everything winter. To keep them protected, I picked up a Vaseline Lip Therapy Mini for my lips. (Look how cute too, it is like a mini jar of Vaseline Jelly.) I was happy to know buying protection for my lips will provide relief for me and for someone in need.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Mini

Pick up your favorite Vaseline products at CVS, and spread the healing mission.

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