Halloween-Themed Brush Your Teeth Sign Printable

I was compensated by ACT for my time on this Brush Your Teeth Sign post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Halloween is nearly upon us and that means the surge of candy is also upon us. (I dare not admit how much candy corn I have personally eaten!) While there is nothing you can do to escape candy, at this time of year it is especially important that kids are practicing good oral hygiene. To help kids remember to brush I created a Halloween-themed printable for the bathroom.

Brush Your Teeth Sign Printable

5 Tips To Scare Away Cavities

  1. Make it a family affair– Kids learn by example, so don’t just tell them, show them. Let your kids see you brush and floss your teeth twice a day and talk about why it is important.
  2. Limit the sweets – From October – December it feels like there is an overload of sweets everywhere you turn. Put reasonable limits on the sweets and make sure kids brush after eating sweets.
  3. Rinse well – Brushing and flossing might not be enough, add a mouth rinse like ACT Kids Anticavity Rinse (for ages 6+) for even more cavity fighting power.**
  4. Visit the dentist – Keep those pearly whites sparkling by scheduling regular (every six months) check ups with the dentist. If kids are nervous, find a pediatric dentist who is more likely to have a kid-friendly environment. 
  5. Hang a reminder – Add to your bathroom decor with a friendly reminder to brush your teeth like the free printable I created below. 

Act Kids

Printable Brush Your Teeth Sign

I am a big fan of printables because they are an easy and inexpensive way to swap out decor. I especially love seasonal printables, so to add a touch of Halloween to my daughters’ bathroom, I created a couple of printable bathroom signs with a Halloween flare. 

Halloween Bathroom Signs Printables

In my house, I will swap these out for the images that are normally in place and once Halloween is over I will either put back the regular art or perhaps get ready for the holidays with something else.

Download the free Brush Your Teeth sign here.

Download the free Wash Your Hands sign here

Brush Your Teeth Sign

**ACT Kids Anticavity Rinse was ranked as the #1 recommended children’s mouthwash by pharmacists in the 2016 OTC Guide from Pharmacy Times.

Anticavity Goody Bag


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22 thoughts on “Halloween-Themed Brush Your Teeth Sign Printable”

  1. The kids are only allowed to pick one piece of candy a day, they also have to brush their teeth at least twice a day, rinse with mouthwash and floss.

  2. My son brushes his teeth twice a day and uses mouthwash and when it comes to candy he is on a strict limit of how much he can eat and we even do exchange programs where he can trade in candy for a small prize or coupon for movie nights.

  3. The way I scare away cavities this Halloween is to limit candy intact on a daily basis and encourage tooth brushing and flossing.

  4. We’ve always been a little lax on Halloween, but after that we portion out the candy rather stingily – as in we still had some in the freezer at Easter. We’ve always been fanatic about brushing and flossing, so that didn’t change.

  5. We try to scare them away by flossing and brushing more often and limiting the candy they have. We buy back some and give it away!

  6. I am giving out little Halloween novelty toys instead of candy, the kids love them and it saves them from getting cavities!

  7. Best way to scare away cavities is to brush your teeth twice a day, floss or use a waterpik to get anything stuck within your teeth, and use mouthwash.

  8. limit the candy every day ive had candy a year later we found in the bottom of the closet i didnt have a clue about but floss and gargle


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