DIY Cereal Box Postcards Craft

This kids summer project Cereal Box Postcards craft is sponsored by Pebbles Cereal. 

Cereal Box Postcards

I don’t know about you, but we go through a LOT of cereal boxes in our house. Although we are really good about recycling the empty ones, sometimes it is more fun to upcycle them into something new. This time we made DIY Cereal Box Postcards.

My daughter’s best friend in school for the last three years recently moved home to Japan. She was so sad to say goodbye, but I assured the girls that they could be pen pals — only to discover neither girl had any idea what a pen pal was! After some explaining, they were both thrilled with the idea of sending letters (real snail mail) back and forth.

After buying postage to Japan, K has spent the summer crafting special letters and pictures to send to her friend in Japan.

Thinking outside the box, we decided to turn our Pebbles Cereal boxes into postcards she could send to Japan and local friends too.

Cereal Box Postcards

This is a quick and easy craft that can be completed in just a couple of minutes, and each cereal box yields four 4×6 postcards. 


  • Cereal Box(es)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Paper slicer (or scissors)
  • White cardstock paper
  • Glue stick
  • Washi tape


Flatten your cereal boxes and remove flaps. 

Use a ruler to measure 4×6 rectangles around the pictures. (For example, I made one postcard out of the Fruity Pebbles logo and another out of Fred and Barney holding the bowl of cereal.)

Cereal Box Craft

Use a paper slicer (or scissors) to cut out your post cards.

If there is writing inside your box, glue a 4×6 piece of paper to cover the writing. Use washi tape along the edges to secure for mailing. 

DIY Postcards

Optional – add lines with Sharpie on the back of the cards to create a postcard. 

DIY Cereal Box Postcards

Although I love the cheerful colors of Fruity Pebbles box, I am partial to chocolate so I have a soft spot for the Cocoa Pebbles boxes too. 

Cereal Box Postcards

Won’t these be a fun and colorful note to receive in the mail?! We are sending the first one to Japan this week – as soon as we can decided which one.

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