Orlando City Soccer Players Choose Skin Health

Last week my family and I attended our very first Orlando City Soccer game — what a fun night! Our attendance was sponsored by Neutrogena who has partnered with MLS to raise awareness of the importance of skin protection on and off the field as part of the Choose Skin Health campaign. 

Orlando City Soccer Game

Whether you are playing soccer in the major league, a fan in the stadium or any other outdoor activity, it is important to protect your skin — every time you go outside. As Florida kids who love to play outside, my family goes through a lot of sunscreen in the summer. 

Kids Playing Soccer

While my kids moan and groan over the application, they know it is part of the routine. My husband and I don’t just tell our kids they have to wear sunscreen, we let them see us putting sunscreen on ourselves too. Everyone knows that kids do what they see, not just what they are told and studies have shown that kids are more likely to adopt healthy habits, like applying sunscreen, if they see their moms applying it on themselves. 

It has become such a habit in our family that my kids know to grab the sunscreen when they grab their bathing suits. 

Choose Skin Health

Several years ago my father discovered he had melanoma on his nose. It was a scary time for us as he went through radiation and treatment. Luckily, he beat the cancer, but it made me hyper sensitive to skin protection for the whole family. 

Facts About Skin Protection

Unless you have been living under a rock, I am sure you have heard about the importance of protecting your skin from the sun. But despite all we know about sun protection, skin cancer continues to be a health epidemic – melanoma rates in Florida are on the rise and have increased 27% in the past 10 years. Crazy, right?

What’s even crazier is that skin cancer is one of the most preventable cancers. And unlike other forms of cancer, prevention is easy. All you have to do is regularly cover your skin when you go outside, either with protective clothing or sunscreen. Still more than 350 Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every hour.

Of course, sun exposure is cumulative. So those sunburns we got as kids catch up to us when we get older, that’s why it is so important to encourage the habit skin protection for our children. Just 1-2 severe sunburns can increase the risk of melanoma by 40%.

MLS Soccer Players Choose Skin Health

For Skin Cancer Awareness Month in May, MLS soccer players will wear wrist bands (like my kids are wearing) to promote skin health. Even the official MLS game balls will have a Neutrogena Choose Skin Health decal added.

Remember, by applying sunscreen to yourself not only are you protecting your skin, you are also setting a good example for your kids. Even if you have to set a reminder at first, eventually applying sunscreen will become second nature for the whole family. And your skin will thank you!

Oh and in case you were wondering, Orlando City scored late in the game to finish with a tie game. Go Lions!

Orlando City Soccer Goal


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  1. Fantastic article you have introduced with us. Healthy skin is vital. It builds confidence and self esteem, and it also protects your body from external damage. I think kids and teens should be better educated about sun safe behaviours. For example, not everyone knows how bad tanning is β€”and many people of colour incorrectly think they don’t need sun protection. Learning the importance of safe sun behaviours early on in life can really help to reduce incidence of skin cancer in future generations.

  2. We love Orlando City and since both my husband and I work for Orlando Health (who sponsor the team) we are definitely supporting the team!

  3. Oh I have to say Orlando City! We are just getting our first team here soon and I cannot wait! Our little one just started his first year of soccer this spring, and its so fun to watch him. He just loves it.


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