Say Goodbye To The Tube: Tube-Free Toilet Paper

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There are two kinds of people in this world, and no I am not talking about over or under. There are those who recycle their toilet paper rolls, and those who throw them away. And then there is a special subclass of those of us who feel the need to upcycle our toilet paper rolls into crafts before recycling them (me).

If your bathroom counter ever looks like this:

Toilet Paper Rolls
Or your cabinet ever looks like this:

Toilet Paper Storage
Then you too might have a tube problem.

In our house, we recycle each and every toilet paper tube. But sometimes it takes a few days or weeks for the tube to move from the bathroom to the recycle bin in the kitchen. Because in my house, getting someone to change the empty roll is only half of the battle — then someone has to remove said tube from the bathroom.

I did some bathroom math, and according to my calculations my family uses roughly 125 -135 rolls of toilet paper each year. That’s a lot of rolls, and a lot tubes cluttering our countertops. 

On a national scale, more than 17 billion toilet paper tubes are used each year in the U.S. That’s enough to fill the Empire State Building, twice.

How many tubes does your family use? Use the Scott Tube-Free calculator to see how many rolls your family will use in a lifetime.

Allow me to introduce to you a different kind of toilet paper roll, a tubeless roll — Scott Tube-Free toilet paper.

Scott Tube Free Toilet Paper

Scott Tube-Free Toilet Paper

Unlike every other roll of toilet paper you have ever seen, Scott Tube-Free toilet paper has no cardboard tube in the middle. No tube to recycle, no tube to (gasp) throw away recycle. Just use the roll like normal and when the last square is gone, that’s it. Now the only thing to recycle is the empty bag. Pretty cool right?

Toilet Paper Roll No Tube
In case you need a little more encouragement to try Scott Tube-Free toilet paper, you can find bonus Box Tops on specially-marked packages. This 12-pack of Scott Tube-Free toilet paper has eight bonus Box Tops, so you can support your student’s school by supplying your house with tubeless toilet paper.

Scott tube-free toilet paper works the same as normal toilet paper, but without any waste which means less energy used in creating the tubes, less energy recycling the tubes and less tubes ending up as trash in the landfill. Scott Tube-Free can be found at Walmart nationwide, check the Local Retailer Locator for to find Scott Tube-Free toilet paper. And download a Scott Coupon to save $1 off your purchase. 

Today kicks off National Simplify Your Life (August 2-8). How will you simplify your life? Small steps can have a big impact on the environment. By eliminating the tube, Scott Tube-Free offers an easy way to make a change that contributes to a better, cleaner world, without sacrificing quality.

Check out the Scott Man on the Street video to see Scott Tube-Free toilet paper in action.

Oh, and by the way — it’s over!

Scott Tube-Free Toilet Paper
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21 thoughts on “Say Goodbye To The Tube: Tube-Free Toilet Paper”

  1. I think this tube-free toilet paper is genius and I don’t know why toilet paper companies haven’t been doing this since forever!

  2. Although its genious , i dont what this to rapidly to take off … dont get me wrong , just yet. Im in the middle of collecting alot of those tubes for a wall decoration. once im finished i can finally say good bye to those tubes that were just laying around the house .

  3. Tube free is a great idea! No need for it. We also use a bide (hose you can turn on to clean your rear. Combined with the tube free, lots of paper saved!

  4. I think it’s a good way to help out the environment, but something that would take some getting used to. I’m used to those tubes, haha.

  5. I always admire companies that create products to help our environment and planet. Scott tissue, now especially the Naturals tube-free is my very favorite to purchase for me and my family.

  6. Oh this is so wonderful! We always recycle ours too…but will be so wonderful to not have to! I have not seen these yet in the store, but I am going to switch over!

  7. Great idea. But for those not yet ready to make the switch…just put a second trash container in your bathroom for recycling! It’s useful for more than toilet paper tubes. Having recycling bins in multiple areas of the house makes recycling a no-brainer (except for developing the habit of emptying them all into the trash company’s recycling bin to put by the curb…but then again, you already do that for multiple trash cans, right?).


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