Accessorize Your Outdoor Entertaining

My daughters welcomed spring with a splash. But as they joyfully jumped into the pool for the first time this season, I took a look at our neglected porch. Layers of spring pollen and filth covered everything. After some serious cleaning, the patio was once again a clean slate. In partnership with Better Homes and Gardens for Walmart, I shopped for new accessories and now we are ready for outdoor entertaining.

Outdoor Entertaining Table Setting

Outdoor Entertaining

For as much time as we spend eating outside, I’ve never had “outdoor dishes.” So I used this opportunity for a spring refresh to pickup my very own set of melanine plates, bowls and cups. BHG for Walmart has a variety of styles and colors to choose from. I love blue and aqua, so I created a mix and match set of blue and aqua dishes that included: 

I love the blue and aqua design so much, we might start eating dinner on these inside. They are so much prettier than our plain white dishes. Bonus, they are dishwasher safe too!

Summer Dishes
Not only does the cheerful tablecloth look pretty, but I’ll tell you a secret… it hides dirt. Under that cloth is a tempered glass table, and while I regularly wipe it down it always looks dirty because I don’t take the time to clean the underside of the table each time. It only takes a day or two to get dirty this time of year, so a pretty cloth is the perfect way to hide away the dirt. (Next time, I would buy a solid table!)

Summer Tablecloth
Remember when Gaston sings, “I use antlers in all of my decorating” in Beauty and the Beast? That’s me, except I use owls in all of my decorating. And I love that BHG for Walmart seems to agree with my love for owls since they keep coming up with new cute ways to decorate with owls. You can find owls in my home office, bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc. Now that I think about it, I am not sure if there is a room in our house without owls. 

Because I wanted to bring a little more color to the table, I made this white owl tea light holder serve a dual purpose as a vase by inserting a small glass jar. The bamboo lazy Susan is also from BHG for Walmart. 

Owl Table Decoration
If you are looking for me this summer, this is where I will be. From this shady vantage point I can oversee my daughters’ water ballet and diving contests. From my personal lifeguard station I’ll be sipping on cucumber water — my favorite treat on a super hot day. Won’t you pull up a chair and join me?

BHG Beach Towels
After taking note of our faded and worn beach towels I decided to add some bright new towels to our stash. BHG for Walmart has tons of new styles of beach towels to choose from and they are the nice extra-large ones too. 

This year I also added two more Better Homes and Gardens galvanized products to my collection, and I predict the galvanized ice bucket and galvanized serving tray serve multiple purposes in our home. 

Outdoor Entertaining
With some colorful dishes and accessories, I made my porch cheery and ready for summer. Since we spend so much time outside from April – September I know we will enjoy our outdoor entertaining space. 

We are ready for afternoons in the pool, who is ready to join us?

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117 thoughts on “Accessorize Your Outdoor Entertaining”

  1. My favorite outdoor entertaining accessory from the post is the Teal Trellis Berry Bowl. All of the items in the post look really nice. The shades of blue are really pretty.

  2. I love the galvanized tray! I can’t believe how cheap it is! I bought one from a different store and paid a ridiculous amount of money for it! I wanted to get another one so now I know where to get it!

  3. The white owl tea light holder is adorable! I love that you found a way to make it do double-duty as a vase–the flowers look so pretty in it.

  4. I actually love the towels. The colors are so bright and the patterns are fun. We just bought a home with a pool in December and I want to buy a bunch of pool towels for guests!

  5. I like the colorful table cloth. I buy a bulk package of those that are vinyl for the summer long season of grilling and eating out.

  6. My favorite is the Indigo Medallion cereal bowls. I love the the overall calming beachy vibe that your color scheme and choice of accessories evokes.

  7. The galvanized serving tray to help with serving drinks, snacks, etc. So much easier having a tray instead of carrying with only your hands!

  8. The cheerful tablecloth is my favorite accessory for outdoor entertaining! It really brings a pop of color to a fun outdoor time!

  9. The cheerful tablecloth is my favorite outdoor entertaining accessory from this post. It brings color into any setting.

  10. My favorite outdoor entertaining items from your post are the 14 oz Color Rim Tumblers in teal. The color is so beautiful and uplifting and I really like that they are dishwasher safe too!

  11. I like the pretty tablecloth for this spring and summer, we do need a new one too. Our old one is to worn to put it back on this year.

  12. The Teal Trellis plates would be lovely to spruce up our summer bbq’s! Finally set up our patio this weekend…yay!!!

  13. This is so awesome and I am so jealous of your beautiful set up! I absolutely love the 14 oz Color Rim Tumblers in teal- would look perfect with a yummy cocktail in it. Also, I LOVE the tablecloth- bright colors are so fun!


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