Florida Hospital For Women Health Navigator – A Free Service For Women In Central Florida

Finding the right doctor isn’t always as easy as calling a friend for a recommendation. But thanks to a new service at Florida Hospital for Women, now it can be. Doreen Forsythe, BSN, RN is the Women’s Health Navigator for Florida Hospital For Women, and it is her job to help patients find the right care for them. 

The Health Navigator is a free resource available to women in Central Florida to help them navigate the sometimes challenging task of finding the right specialist. As a registered nurse at Florida Hospital for more than 15 years, Doreen has a wealth of knowledge about the doctors and services available at Florida Hospital, and now she gets to use that knowledge to help patients in a brand new way. 

Doreen Forsythe
The idea for a Health Navigator is simple – assisting women to help find the information they need to make health decisions to best care for themselves and their families. 

“Women are the healthcare coordinators for the entire family. Making appointments for the whole family, sometimes neglecting her own health. I am here to help with family needs and to help women focus on their own needs.” Doreen said.

Offering personalized care for patients, Doreen listens to a patient’s story to assist in formulating a plan. She helps patients needing assistance with new or chronic pain, cardiac care and more. Once she has an understanding of the patient’s needs she works with them to create a plan and coordinate service. 

While speaking to Doreen, I was impressed by her dedication to providing patients very personalized assistance. She told me that she even goes as far as confirming the doctor that she recommends accepts the patients insurance before assisting a patient in booking an appointment. Having had my fair share of insurance headaches that alone is a resource that women in Central Florida should be excited about. 

Health Navigator service is tailored to helping women navigate Florida Hospital for Women, and Doreen is committed to going the extra mile for patients always helping them find the best care. She understands that location is important for patients and often refers patients to other Florida Hospital campuses for care.

Health Navigator Services Include:

  • Answering questions
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Coordinating care among providers
  • Discussing insurance issues
  • Connecting families with resources and support services
  • Serving as a constant link between patient and health-care team
  • Scheduling private tours of Florida Hospital facilities
  • Gathering information about clinical trials and other research initiatives

Book an appointment with the Florida Hospital for Women’s Health Navigator online or reach out to Doreen Forsythe by phone at (407) 720-5191 to learn how she can help with your family’s healthcare needs. 

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