Take A Lunch Making Break With Revolution Foods Jet Pack For Kids

Whether you pack lunches the night before or the morning of, it is a chore. A chore I choose to take on so to make sure I know what my girls are eating during the day. We’ve come a long way in regard to school lunches, but not far enough.

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Revolution Foods is one company trying to make a difference in school lunches. Started by a pair of moms with a mission to transform the way America eats by providing access to healthy food in schools and in stores Revolution Foods began as a way to transform school lunches. After serving more than 150 million handmade meals in public schools nationwide, Revolution Foods branched out to include products at the grocery store filled with real ingredients and nothing artificial.

Grab-and-Go Lunch Jet Pack

Revolution Foods Jet Pack

Lunch-making parents, you are going to love this — all the convenience of a grab-and-go lunch with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and antibiotic-free meat. 

This is Revolution Foods Jet Pack an on-the-go lunchbox, and it is perfect for days when there is no time to make lunch or you just don’t feel like it. Convenience without guilt. 

Jet Packs are available in four ready-to-eat kid and family favorites:

  • turkey & cheddar
  • ham & cheddar
  • cheese pizza
  • popcorn chicken 

Revolution Foods Jet Pack Lunches
My local grocery store carries the popcorn chicken Jet Pack too, but was currently sold out. I have been told by my girls they want to try that as soon as I see them back in stock. 

Each Jet Pack meal comes with an entrée and a Clif Kid Organic Fruit Rope as a treat. All parents have to do is add a bottle of water and an orange or apple for a full meal. 

Jet Pack Turkey Lunch
Standing in the grocery store I compared another brand’s grab-and-go lunch with Jet Pack. The other brand had 16 ingredients in its turkey, while Jet Pack had only seven. Unlike the seven Jet Pack ingredients, I am not sure what most of the ones in the other turkey brand were. I also noticed that Jet Pack crackers are made with whole wheat, and the others were not. And although I couldn’t evenly compare ingredients for the treats, I would much prefer to serve my kids Clif Kid Organic Fruit Rope then candy with lunch.

Give yourself a lunch making break and feel good about serving Revolution Foods Jet Pack lunches to your kids. 

Jet Pack Grab And Go Lunch
For moms on the go, Revolution Foods also offers Lunch Bundles with various assortments of dried fruit, crackers, nuts and cheeses. 

Take Lunch Making Break
Use the Revolution Foods store locator to find Jet Packs and Lunch Bundles at your local grocery store. And download a coupon for $1 off Revolution Foods. 

Lunch Making Break

Revolution Foods Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive a Lunch Making Break kit including an insulated lunch box, water bottle and coupons for free Revolution Foods Jet Packs. 

To enter, please use the Rafflecopter below. Giveaway ends March 10.

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