Score Free Samples To Get Your Guy Game Ready At Sam’s Club

It’s September and that means it is time for two very important celebrations in my house — my birthday and the start of football season! Ya-hoo! It’s time again to spend our Saturdays cheering for our team decked out in the finest orange and blue. Yes, we NCAA fans are serious about our football, especially here in the south.

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Pre-game rituals are important for athletes and for families, especially when trying to get ready to get out the door in the mornings. (Raise your hand if you are still adjusting to new back to school morning routines!)

Routines are one of the most important aspects of sports. Having a good pregame routine is essential for athletes. It helps them get ready for the game so they can perform at their best. Every guy has some type of game they get ready for whether it’s on or off the field.

Game Day Gear
A good grooming regimen helps everyone look and feel good so they’re prepared to take on anything. Say goodbye to the days of cheap deodorant, lavender body wash and dry skin. Step up your pregame routine with Unilever Men’s Personal Care, the official products of the NCAA® are available at Sam’s Club.

  • Dove Men+Care, Extra Fresh Body Wash, 3 pack – For healthier, stronger skin vs. soap. Clinically proven to fight skin dryness better than regular men’s body wash. Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash with Micromoisture technology is clinically proven to fight dryness better than regular men’s body wash.
  • Degree Motionsense Dry Spray for Men, 3 pack – The new way to get superior protection that goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel. Features a superior 48 hour MOTIONSENSE® formula that endures any adventure with a rugged, woodsy fragrance that blends clean citrus with long-lasting notes of wood and musk.
  • AXE Apollo Deodorant Stick, Bonus Pack – Long-lasting , 24-hour deodorant protection. Masculine scent of fresh sage, crisp mandarin and smooth sandalwood. Invisible Solid goes on clear.

As you can see, my husband’s grooming regimen includes Dove Men+Care and lots of orange and blue. What does your guy’s game day ritual look like?

Dove Men +Care Body Wash

Free Sample Of Dove Men+Care Body Wash

If you haven’t yet tried Dove Men+Care body wash, here’s your chance to try a free sample. On September 19 Sam’s Clubs nationwide will have in-store demo events to pass out free sample of Dove Men+Care body wash, kids-time coupons and Super Bowl-winning head coach Tony Dungy training cards. Everyone loves Sam’s Club in-store demos right? My family loves to visit Sam’s Club on sample days, lots of tasty samples!

Mark your calendar and plan to visit Sam’s Club on September 19 to get your free sample of Dove Men+Care body wash and add this fresh scent to your man’s routine.

7 thoughts on “Score Free Samples To Get Your Guy Game Ready At Sam’s Club”

  1. Happy Birthday and thanks for telling me about the free sample. My husband has his own “pre game ritual” he does every Sunday during football season that he takes VERY seriously. It is kind of funny, my only ritual is making good food.

  2. Pregame rituals are always perfect for those Gator fans in this household. GO Gators! But for all those who have waited those long weeks for football to begin again, enjoy the good food, good friends, and good good football season ahead.

  3. I don’t know that I personally have any pre-game rituals, but my son and husband sure do. Even if watching the game at home. They have both tried Dove’s men’s products and really like them. I am not a member of Sam’s because it’s too far from home, but I sure wish I was.

  4. Happy Birthday! No pregame rituals here but my fiance’ loves to watch football.As a matter of fact he is doing that right now.I purchased him some of this body wash and he loves it!

  5. We are a football family but no pre-game rituals really. Although, we eat well and spend the day cooking and preparing all of the delicious food. I love that Sam’s Club sells these great and economical sets of body care. 🙂


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