Chihuly Macchia (Glass Bowls) Kids Craft

Last week the girls and I made an easy craft that was both beautiful and educational. And like many of our favorite crafts, this Chihuly Macchia-inspired project didn’t take any fancy materials just ordinary household materials including the star of the show — Faultless Premium Starch.

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I have always been fascinated by the work of Dale Chihuly, so it was fun to share is beautiful work with my daughters. After telling my girls all about the artist and about glass blowing, we Google image searched Chihuly glass.

Once they had seen enough pictures, they were ready to make their own Chihuly-inspired art. The results of are really pretty and very cool.

Chihuly Macchia Kids Craft
Aren’t they pretty? Each one is so unique and all so cool. Our very own Chihuly Macchia “glass” bowls.

Chihuly Kids Craft


  • Faultless Premium Starch
  • Coffee filters
  • Markers
  • Empty plastic containers

Faultless Premium Starch Craft

Have your kids to decorate coffee filters in any way they want – lines, dots, blocks, etc. The more color the better. (Although really, even the ones with just a little color turn out beautiful too.)

Chihuly Coffee Filters
Drape coffee filters over empty plastic containers. We used a mix of containers that I pulled out of our recycle bin – yogurt cups, a vitamin container, etc.

Line a cookie tray with newspaper.

Spray coffee filters generously with Faultless Premium Starch. Allow coffee filters to dry overnight.

Chihuly Coffee Filters
Note – we did the spraying outside because I wasn’t sure what would happen when I allowed my three year old to spray. But it turned out that she was very good. Next time we will spray these inside because the wind was a bit of an issue knocking over the containers. 

Coffee Filter Craft
In the morning, slide the coffee filters off the plastic containers, mount on black paper and admire.

Chihuly Coffee Filter Craft
I bet you didn’t know you could make something so pretty with starch!

In case you are wondering, it doesn’t take much starch to make these bowls, so you will have plenty left for your laundry.

Faultless Starch

Faultless Starch has been a staple in my house. Confession, although I don’t iron often I often grab a can of starch even if I don’t “need” it because it makes ironing so much easier. Now Faultless Starch is even better with Faultless Premium Starch — the “starch that performs.”

The new Faultless Premium Starch will keep you clothes looking new – by looking your best, you will perform your best. Unlike other starch, the Faultless Premium bottle won’t clog, flake or stick (even in the hands of kids!).

Faultless Premium Starch

Here’s a tip I learned — did you know that Faultless Starch can help repel stains like BBQ sauce? Another great way Faultless Starch can help your laundry stay fresh.

How does Faultless Starch play a role in your life?

3 thoughts on “Chihuly Macchia (Glass Bowls) Kids Craft”

  1. You could also use a liquid starch for this craft. It may be a little messy but younger children can use a paint brush easier than they can push the button down on the spray can. Liquid starch can even be used to adhere fabric to your walls, and it pulls right off with little effort. I have used it in place of glue on several crafts , while teaching preschool for 3 decades. lol I love your project.

  2. I am wondering if you have any suggestions for making the “bowls” harder so they could actually be used as a bowl? These are so pretty but flimsy when they are dry….I was hoping for more of a hardness? Have you ever tried anything? Thanks!!!

    • Ummm – that’s a good question. We only used ours as decoration, and they were certainly stiff enough to stand up. We had them on the window ledge for months. But to actually use as a bowl, you would have to schlack them with something. And I am afraid I don’t know what to recommend for that. Good luck and let me know if you have success.


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