Highbrow Educational Videos Make Summer Learning Fun

Who else is having a great summer? Our days are spent swimming, crafting, playing games, building forts, etc. Everything a summer should be. But in between all of the fun, there is a lot of downtime. When not playing with her dolls or reading in her free time, my K loves to be on the computer or iPad. This summer she is using a variety of education apps including Highbrow, a site filled with educational videos for kids.

Learn to Draw Online Video
When she is on the computer what K really likes to do is watch videos. I don’t mind her watching videos, but have you seen the videos that are available online? Oh my goodness! Online video watching requires constant supervision. Stop worrying about questionable videos and let your kids loose on Highbrow where parents can rest easy knowing the videos are both safe and educational. 

Highbrow Educational Videos

Highbrow is a curator of kids educational videos. Organized both by age and content, kids can find hundreds of appropriate videos just for them. 

Highbrow Educational Videos for Kids
When you sign up for Highbrow, you can add profiles for your kids so they can keep track of the videos they have watched and want to watch. As a parent, I like that everything is tied together so you can see not just what videos your kids have been watching but also what types of videos they have been watching – math, humanities, creative, science, etc. 

Monitor Kid Videos with Highbrow
Another parent feature I like is that K and I were able to browse the available videos together and pick out a ton of videos for her to watch. As we found cool videos, I assigned them to K to watch later. Then when she had time to watch videos, she went to her play list and watched the videos we choose.

It is easy to add videos for kids to watch later. In fact, I just found a video I know she will love and marked it for her for later. 

Highbrow Learn to Draw Video
Highbrow has videos for ages 1 – 13, and there are lots of great toddler videos too. So I set up a profile for Sissy too so she can watch her own videos like big sister. (For big kids, there are tons of math and humanities videos.)

K’s favorite videos are the Learn to Draw series. She has learned to draw flowers, a school of fish and a hippo. She is so excited about the videos, I heard her teaching her little sister how too. 

Kids Learn to Draw Online Video
K also loves the science videos. There are some really cool science experiments showing how ordinary objects can do amazing things. She now has a long list of science experiments she wants to replicate – guess I know what we will be doing in the coming weeks!

Highbrow Kids Educational Videos
Ready to check out Highbrow with your kids? Get a free 30-day trial of Highbrow. After the trial the monthly subscription is $8 a month. There are no commitments and you can cancel at anytime, which makes it perfect for summer.

Try Highbrow today and help keep summer learning fun with Highbrow educational videos.

Which videos do you think your kids will be most excited to watch?

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