4th of July Paper Plate Crown

It’s a craft. It’s a fashion accessory. It’s fun! And you can make this 4th of July Paper Plate Crown quickly and easily with things you probably have in your house already. Oh and it makes the cutest pictures! 

Paper Plate Crown
So I had a 4th of  planned for last week, but when I started to make it — it was a total dud. (I really should have taken a picture!) So I sat there looking at my supplies, and I had a eureka moment. A craft that involved painting (Sissy’s favorite) and accessorizing up (a favorite for both). So easy, and so many smiles. 

4th of July Crown Craft

4th of July Paper Plate Crown


  • White paper plate
  • Blue paint (I always use Crayola washable)
  • Red construction paper
  • Tape
  • Elastic cord* or ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch 

4th of July Crown Materials

Cut the paper plate in half, and then cut a semi-circle from the middle following the shape of the plate. 

4th of July Crown Step 1
Next turn the plate over to your kiddo to paint their heart out. 

Painting 4th of July Crown
After painting, cut three large triangles and 2 small triangles out of the red construction paper. I eyeballed these so they aren’t perfect, but they are approximately 4 and 2.5 inches tall. If your kids are a pro at scissors, you could draw triangles and let them cut them out. 

4th of July Crown Paper Triangles
Once the paper plate is dry, punch a hole on either side of the paper plate toward the center. 

*A note about the elastic cord. I had just bought my daughters’ sandals at Target, and I realized the elastic cord that held the shoes together was perfect for the 4th of July Crown. Oh yes, I upcycled that trash into a treasure. If you don’t have elastic cord, ribbon would work as well. You could just tie a bow under the chin, but elastic is perfect. 

Tie the elastic cord (or ribbon) to the paper plate. 

DIY Paper Plate Crown
Turn the plate over and tape the red triangles to the back of the plate. I found that it was best to attach the triangles with a loop of tape and then reinforce tape across the back.

How to Make A Paper Plate Crown
Crown your kiddos and admire their cuteness!

4th of July Paper Plate Crowns
4th of July Paper Plate Crown

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  1. Thanks for sharing this ADORABLE statue of Liberty crown. I not only will be making it now for the 4th of July but will use it when school starts up again when we study are unit on the United States


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