When Calls The Heart – Frontier vs High-Class Fashion

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So much has happened with Elizabeth and Jack over the past couple of weeks on When Calls The Heart. First Charles arrived in Hope Valley (Gasp!), and then Elizabeth and Jack returned to Hamilton (chasing after their troublesome younger siblings). Oh Elizabeth and Jack, where do they stand now? It seems that the Thatcher family is determined to drive a wedge between my favorite love birds, and judging from the preview things are only going to get worse next week.

When Calls the Heart Jack Elizabeth Charles
With all of this coming and going between Hope Valley and Hamilton I have also enjoyed watching the parade of fashion change from town to town. While Elizabeth’s fashion has always been much fancier than that of the women in Hope Valley (well noted even from the very first episode) her fashion in Hope Valley is nothing compared to the dresses she dons in Hamilton.

A couple of weeks ago, I got lost on the When Calls The Heart website watching videos and scrolling through photos. (There is so much great content!) The costumery of When Calls The Heart has always complimented the show perfectly, but looking at all of the different outfits worn on the show (especially by Elizabeth) and watching videos about the costume design made it even more beautiful and contrasting between Hope Valley and Hamilton. Here is one of those fascinating videos. 

Although she always looks lovely, each time Elizabeth returns home she is transformed into society’s finest. 

When Calls the Heart Elizabeth Fashion
Still elegant, but simpler in Hope Valley.

When Calls The Heart Hope Valley Elizabeth
Looking back to season one, you can see how Elizabeth’s look has grown with her character. Remember when she always wore her hair up (and all of those fancy hats)?

When Calls The Heart Hair
But it isn’t just Elizabeth who changes up her look when in Hamilton. When Abigail visited Hamilton to rescue Clara, she too stepped up her fashion. And even Jack’s wardrobe shifts when he leaves Hope Valley, trading his Mounty uniform for a suit. 

When Calls the Heart Hope Valley Jack
When Calls the Heart Hamilton Jack
I don’t know about you, but the fashion of When Calls The Heart is almost as interesting as the story (almost). 

With only one episode left before the conclusion of When Calls The Heart Season 2, there is much still left open. Elizabeth and Jack aren’t the only ones who are questioning their relationship. Clara seems to have a budding new relationship, and now that Abigail has forgiven (and hopefully moved past) Bill could someone else spark her interest?

Tune in to When Calls The Heart, Coming Together, Coming Apart, Saturday June 6 at 8/7 Central. If you are behind, be sure to catch up on this season using Hallmark Channel Everywhere and my When Calls the Heart recaps.


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