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Welcome back Elizabeth! Although I am sure no one was really surprised that Elizabeth returned to Hope Valley, I was still very excited to see it happen in last week’s two-hour episode of When The Heart Calls, Heart’s Desire. And just in the nick of time too because when Rosemary landed herself in a heap of trouble, Jack came to the damsel in distress’ rescue. 

One of the things I am really enjoying about season two of When Calls the Heart is that we get to see Jack smile a lot more. In season one our favorite Mounty was so serious. This season he seems softer (thanks to Elizabeth I presume) and even more likable. I love how he supports Elizabeth, but is also quick to tease — just a bit.

When Calls the Heart Elizabeth Jack

And how cute was the couple this weekend when Elizabeth threw herself back into life on the frontier by volunteering to take care of a family’s homestead while the father was away? I love Elizabeth’s reaction to the whole situation and that she really rose to the occasion (as she always does) with a little assistance from Jack, of course.

Everything with Elizabeth and Jack seems to be back on track. And then wham – the preview for next week’s episode, Awakenings & Revelations, shows Charles arriving in Hope Valley! Oh dear, poor Jack.


And what is happening with Bill this week? I just don’t know about that guy. I want to think that he really has a good heart and there is just a lot of misunderstanding (for Abigail’s sake), but everything about this guy seems like trouble. Even though the situation with his wife was cleared up, sort of, he still lied to Abigail about it when she confronted him. I just don’t like it, and it looks like more trouble is coming this week.

What do you think about Bill?

When Calls the Heart Bill Abigail
There is a lot happening in Hope Valley!

With the long weekend ahead, it is a great time to catch up with When Calls The Heart. You can watch all of the season 2 episodes online via Hallmark Channel Everywhere. Then make sure you tune into Saturday night’s episode Awakenings & Revelations.

And for those who are watching along with me, have you explored the When Calls The Heart website yet? It is full of behind the scenes videos, information about the shows and even a Hearties store. I watched a few of the videos this morning, and I was shocked to hear Daniel Lissing (Jack) speak — he is Australian with a heavy accent! I am always amazed by actors who hide their natural accent. 

Tune in Saturday, May 23 for When Calls The Heart Awakenings & Revelations  at 8/7 Central.

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