Simplifying Life One Oscar Mayer Sanewich At A Time

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Name two things in your house that are never empty. The laundry bin and the dishwasher! No matter how caught up I think I get, there is always new laundry to be cleaned and dishes to be washed. Always.

That’s why I couldn’t help but to giggle when I received my Oscar Mayer Sanewich tarot card reading. The tarot cards are meant to give you a funny peek into your future. My HORRORscope, if you will, was the laundry card. 

Oscar Mayer Sanewich Laundry Tarot Card
I giggled because I knew that this is what awaited me in my bedroom.

Pile of Laundry
I had gotten really far behind in laundry after a family cruise, really far. I had done small loads of necessities: socks, underwear, dance leotards, etc. But not a full wash. I had been avoiding it, living in that post-vacation slump, not wanting to return to real life. But the next day that pile (and the matching piles in each of my daughter’s rooms) was my goal.

Even with my assistant it took eight, yes eight, loads to clean all of our laundry. And guess what by the time I was done, there was new dirty laundry in the hamper again. It is never ending! 

Loads of Laundry
Life gets crazy, and when it does you need something stable in your life. Something reliable. You need a Sanewich. Life is complicated, but your sandwich doesn’t have to be. At least for mealtime Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh can keep things simple by providing deli quality lunch meats anytime. 

Oscar Mayer Sanewich

My tarot card had the following Oscar Mayer Sanewich suggestion to me.

Oscar Mayer Tasty Toasted Turkey Sub

Tasty Toasted Turkey Sub

  • 2 hot dog buns
  • 2 KRAFT Slim Cut Swiss Cheese Slices
  • 12 slices OSCAR MAYER Deli Fresh Bold Mesquite Smoked Turkey Breast
  • 1 Tbsp. KRAFT Lite Ranch Dressing
  • 1 tomato, cut into 4 slices, then cut in half
  • 1/2 cup shredded lettuce

Who wants to share a Sanewich with me?

There are a total of 10 tarot cards, to find out your HORRORscope and get more great Oscar Mayer Sanewich recipes visit

Oscar Mayer Sanewich

8 thoughts on “Simplifying Life One Oscar Mayer Sanewich At A Time”

  1. I thought my piles of laundry days were over but now that my daughter and granddaughter moved back in with me, guess who is doing laundry again? This Turkey Sub looks delicious.

  2. I can barely manage one load of laundry, let alone 8! At least you had a cute assistant to work with! Sandwich looks delicious too!

  3. I really think laundry is one of the worst things about being an adult. Just so tough to manage. I can’t wait until my kids are older to help. I love ‘Deli Fresh Bold Mesquite Smoked Turkey Breast’ and so do my kids, soooo good!!

  4. I am never caught up with laundry. I think I would enjoy it more if I did it while eating the Tasty Toasted Turkey Sub! 🙂

  5. You are right….laundry seems to be a never ending task. At least you can look forward to the tasty sub


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