Easy Washi Tape Heart Craft

What it is the day before Valentine’s Day and I am still posting just one more Valentine’s Day craft? Yes, it’s true. And the sad thing is that I bought the materials to do this Washi Tape Heart weeks ago, it took me all of 10 minutes to make and I am still waiting until the very last moment. Procrastination, it’s a real thing! But it is just so darn cute, I have to share. 

Washi Tape Heart Craft
I am serious when I say this Washi Tape Heart Craft can be made in less than 10 minutes. It only took me 15 minutes, and I stopped to take pictures along the way! And it takes zero skill, so anyone – I mean anyone – can make this.

Of course, I made mine with Valentine’s Day in mind, but looking at the finished product it will also be the perfect decoration for my daughter’s upcoming American Girl Birthday Party. So don’t write this off it you don’t have time to make it for Valentine’s Day (because, of course you don’t for this year!). Washi tape is fun year round!

Washi Tape Heart


Washi Tape Tutorial
As you can see in the picture, I freehanded a heart on a piece of foam board. It took several attempts to get it right, but I was covering it up anyway. Then I used my Xacto blade to cut out the heart. 

After covering the heart in glitter washi tape, I used a pair of scissors to trim the tape to the exact shape of the heart. Finally, hot glue the heart directly onto the burlap canvas. 

The more I look at my glittery heart, the more I think it is going to hang in my office year round. It is just so pretty. 

Washi Tape Burlap Craft
If you love washi tape as much as I do, you will also love my Washi Tape Pumpkin from last fall. Same idea, but a pumpkin!

Washi Tape Pumpkin Craft

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