Sharing Christmas Blessings

My family and I have been very blessed. My husband has a great job that he loves and my career as a blogger continues to grow. My daughters are healthy, happy and thriving in school. We have great friends and a loving family. And the pile of gifts under our tree continues to grow. We are blessed.

While giving back is a year “round effort that is important to my family, the focus on others is never as important as during the holidays. Amid Santa wish lists, we strive to help our children understand just how lucky they are and that not everyone has the resources for a big Christmas.

For the third year in a row, I was honored to again partner with Kohl”s to share Christmas (year one, year two). With the help of Kohl”s we were able to make Christmas magical for a family of seven who wasn”t expecting much under the tree. We delivered so many gifts, there wasn”t room for them under the tree! 

Sharing Christmas Blessings
This year, we went through a local school to find a family in need of a little extra Christmas cheer. The family we were partnered with is a family of five good kids recommended by the school guidance counselor. We dropped off a truck full of wrapped gifts this weekend, and I can”t help but to smile thinking about the joy they will best online casino have Christmas morning opening their dream gifts. 

The five kids range from 6 to 12 years old and there were three bikes on their wish list. Did you even know Kohl”s sells bikes?! I wanted to make sure each child received their dream gift, plus something warm to wear this winter. Here is how I made their wishes come true.

  • Child 1 (age 6) — a bike with training wheels and a helmet (of course!). Plus a long-sleeve shirt and a fuzzy hoodie jacket. 
  • Child 2 (age 9) — a bike and a helmet. Plus a long-sleeve shirt and a fuzzy hoodie jacket. 
  • Child 3 (age 9) — art kits galore: paints, paper, craft materials, etc. An tunic and leggings outfit. Plus a long-sleeve shirt and a fuzzy hoodie jacket. 
  • Child 4 (age 10) — a bike and a helmet. Plus a long-sleeve shirt and a hoodie sweatshirt. 
  • Child 5 (age 12) — a soccer ball, a pop-up soccer net, a soccer shirt, a long-sleeve shirt and a soccer hoodie.

Yes! Three bikes! I told you the gifts wouldn”t fit under the tree. 

We felt blessed again to have the chance to share Christmas joy with a family in need. And it gave us a wonderful opportunity to talk to our girls about why we share our blessings. 

Thank you to Kohl”s for partnering again to help us make Christmas truly magical for this family. 

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