Groupon Gifts For Grandparents

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I believe parents are among the hardest people to shop for. How do you decide what to give the people who have given you the most, the people who also happen to seemingly have everything they need? When it comes to shopping for my parents and my in-laws the pressure is on to find a suitable gift that is thoughtful, useful and special.

Yeah, that’s a lot of pressure if you ask me!

To complicate things further I have until December 24 to get gifts in order for my side of the family, but my husband’s family celebrates Hanukkah so I have only until December 16 to do my shopping for that side of the family.

This year, I have been trying to think outside of the gift box and consider gift ideas that are not just a thing, but an experience. Thanks to Groupon, I found the perfect gift for my mother in law! (PS – Jan, if you are reading this, please stop!)

Gifts For Grandparents

Groupon Gifts For Grandparents

My mother in law has a great fondness for tea. More than just enjoying tea to drink, she collects tea pots and she loves to go to afternoon tea. Even more so, she loves to take her granddaughter to afternoon tea.

So when I noticed a Groupon for one of her favorite tea rooms in town, I knew it would be the perfect gift for her.

More importantly, I will set it up so that she can enjoy the Groupon as an afternoon out with her granddaughter. Since she will receive her gift in mid December, she and K will have time to enjoy an afternoon tea for two on of her days off from school. (Perfect, right?)

Still, I wanted to do more.

And then I had a rather brilliant thought (if I do say so myself). Instead of just giving her tea, what if I could give her a whole tea-related afternoon of special time with her granddaughter? Then I struck Google gold — a paint-your-own tea set!

Paint Your Own Tea Set Gift
One afternoon in December, K and her Grammy will spend the afternoon painting a tea set and then enjoy to afternoon tea. How sweet is that?!

Of course, K is thrilled with the idea and can’t wait to give her Grammy her Hanukkah gift. She already has big plans for the design of her tea set, and I just know they will have a lovely afternoon painting it together.

As an added bonus, the tea set just the right size for K’s American Girl, so next time they get together they will be able to have a doll tea party too!

What Groupon activity can you gift your parents this holiday season?

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13 thoughts on “Groupon Gifts For Grandparents”

  1. What a good idea that you got your mother-in-law. I never thought about using Groupon for Christmas gifts. This is such a good idea because they have great prices on stuff. I will have to check out Groupon!

  2. Cute idea, my in-law are tough, they never seem to like what we get. We keep trying, but I am on the verge of just giving gift cards to them.

  3. That is truely a cute idea! I had no idea you can buy things on groupon – I just didn’t know much about it, other than hear it in passing!

  4. What a nice tea set and I agree, grandparents and in-laws are really hard to buy for. Guess I need to start using Groupon for help with my shopping.


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