8 Tips For Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

As we get ready to join family and friends for Thanksgiving this week, baby girl has started in with a cough — of course. Have you ever noticed that the holidays perfectly coincide with the start of cold season? What’s a mom gonna do, skip the festivities. Nope, we’ll muster through, and I’ll be the mom with the kid with a cough. But I’ll arrive prepared with Little Remedies cough medicine. 

Weather you are traveling this holiday season or staying close to home, the goal is to avoid getting sick so we can all enjoy our time with family and friends. Here are a few tips for help keep your family healthy during cold and cough season.

Wipe it down – No longer do people stare at me like a crazy woman when I wipe down every surface my kids sit at — tables, arm rests, tray tables, etc. These days most people just want me to pass them an extra wipe to clean their area. So go ahead stock up on antibacterial wipes, keep them with you at all times and wipe it all down. 

Soap and water rules – On the go antibacterial wipes and gel do the trick, but anytime you have the opportunity to scrub your hands with soap and water — do it. And teach your kids the importance of a good old fashion hand washing. Remember, scrub for as long as it takes for you to sing Happy Birthday, twice (20 seconds). And don’t forget the back of your hands.

Hydrate – Your body needs fluids to keep your immunity up. In fact, dry air makes airways more vulnerable to germs keeping mucus membranes moist helps your body protect itself. (Eww I know, but it is true.) Help kids keep their immune system in tip-top shape by teaching them to drink plenty of water. 

Move it – It may sound nice to let your kids veg on the couch all day and lounge around, but keep ’em moving. They are probably used to being active in school and they need to keep their blood flowing to help antibodies and white blood cells fight infection quickly. Go for a family walk and make it a scavenger hunt, anything to get everyone up and moving. 

Teach kids the elbow cough – When I was a girl mom stressed the importance of covering each cough or sneeze — with my hand. But while covering is important, covering with a hand is counterproductive. By teaching kids to cough into their elbow they not only block the germs but they don’t spread those germs by touching every surface. (Because you know as soon as they cough they must touch everything.) 

Smart snacking – With sugary treats around every corner, it is important to offer healthy snack options like raw veggies and whole grains. Chances are your kids will get plenty of treats from other sources, so keep regular snacks full of fiber, vitamins and good stuff and cut down on excess sugar. 

Pack in extra vitamin C – If your kids don’t take a regular vitamin, the holiday season is a great time to start. Adding an extra dose of vitamin C to an established vitamin routine gives their bodies another 

Rest up – Resist the temptation to let your kids stay up late on a regular basis and make getting a full night of sleep a priority. You will be giving their bodies more time to fight germs, and they will feel refreshed to enjoy all of the holiday fun.

Little Remedies Cough + Immune Support

Little Remedies Cough Immune Support
Unfortunately, despite your best efforts kids will get sick. When the fall victim to a cough, like my little, help them get the rest they need with Little Remedies cough medicine. It’s miserable to listen to your kid cough all night long, and with Little Remedies Cough + Immune Support you can rest easily knowing that it is made with all natural ingredients and nothing artificial. 

Plus with Little Remedies Cough + Immune Support your kids will get an extra dose of antioxidants with elderberry extract (which has twice the antioxidant power of blueberries).

Be prepared for holidays and keep some Little Remedies Cough + Immune Support on hand, just in case germs slip past your precautions. Little Remedies are available products are available at Target, Walmart, CVS, Babies R Us and Amazon.

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