Sprint Family Share Pack – The Best Deal In Data

If your family is anything like mine, there is never enough data on our plan to go around. We have gone over our package and had to get additional data every month this year. That adds up to a hefty expense over time. When I think about the small amount of data we are supposed to share I shake my head and wish for a better package that I could share with my loved ones that was affordable.

This post brought to you by Sprint.

It seems that I was destined to get a wish granted by a magical cell phone genie. Let me tell you about the Sprint Family Share Pack. Families now have the chance to have up to 10 lines with unlimited talk and text as well as 20 GB of shared data for $100 a month. For a family of 4 that is a savings $60 a month over AT&T and Verizon”s pricing through 2015. That includes double the data of Verizon and more than double the high speed offerings of AT&T and T-Mobile. I love that it doesn’t matter if your family consists of 3 or 10, the prices is $100 a month for unlimited talk/text and 20 GB of shared data. For full details check out the best deal in data.

Sprint Family Share Pack
Don”t worry about breaking your contract with your current provider. This is such a good deal that you can”t afford to miss it really. Especially when you consider that Sprint will buy out your contract with a Visa gift card valued at up to $350. Sprint”s new plan offers the best value for data hungry consumers, making it simple, easy and affordable to get what you want from your wireless plan and easy to become a new customer as well.

I mentioned earlier that we always go over our data. Switching to Sprint will give us three times the data allowance and save us at least $35 a month. I have a feeling I will also experience a lot less guilt. With 20 GB to share we should not go over our data every month. When I say this is the best deal in data you should know that I have looked for a better package for a long time. The Sprint Family Share Pack is a wish come true.

How would the Sprint Family Share Pack benefit your family? Would you save money and have a lot more data to spare?

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