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Frozen clothes, Frozen dolls, Frozen back to school supplies, Frozen cups, the list goes on and on. Any parent of a young child today knows I am not talking about chilly shirts, pencils from the freezer and cold paper, no, I am talking about Disney’s mega hit movie Frozen. We are in the midst of the Frozen phenomenon and loving every moment of it. So, it comes as no surprise that Disney has taken the Frozen movie to the Ice, literally, and has a hit with Disney On Ice Presents Frozen.

For several years we’ve made the regular September journey to see a Disney on Ice show at the Amway Center in Downtown Orlando. But this year it was extra special when we heard that it would be an entire ice skating show telling the story of Frozen. (Inserts squeals of delighted children here.)

Disney on Ice Frozen Olaf
The entire Disney on Ice show focused on the now familiar tale of sisters Elsa and Anna. Disney did an amazing job with the set decorations, the costumes and the slight retweaking of the story so it could be told on ice. (No Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna in the ice skating version. Youuuuu Whoooo, Big Summer Blow Out.) We thought we were watching the movie live and on ice.  The skaters were athletic and skilled as they took us through the story.

I can only imagine what the two people inside the Sven costume must do to keep up with each other and make it look like a normal reindeer cruising along on ice. Not that I have ever seen that before.

Disney on Ice Frozen Kristoff Anna Sven
The ice rink was beautifully decorated to appear like we were in Arendelle. When the snow storm started, the arena filled with snow flakes and the wind whirled around us as Elsa ascended to the mountaintop. (Not to worry, the cold never bothered me anyway.) And, when the snow melted away, the ice cycles disappeared and were replaced with beautiful flowers.

Disney on Ice Frozen Elsa Let It Go
My favorite part of the show had to be when Olaf sings about summer and when the Kristoff’s friends, the love experts, skated and sang. When will you ever see trolls on ice again? And, the trolls even performed the one ice skating move I always love to see, the one where the skaters start a small wheel and as it goes around each new skater from the side has to catch up to the wheel and grab on to the last skater. You end up with the skaters in the center barely moving and the ones on the end really having to book it to keep up.

Disney on Ice Frozen Olaf Trolls
The audience and I loved every minute of the show. We cheered for Elsa when she “let it go” and became her true self. We applauded when Anna punched Hans right in the nose. We sang to all our favorite songs and danced with all the other princesses around us.

Disney knows how to put on a great show and we especially love that they did not forget a quick appearance by some of our other favorites. Mickey and Minnie introduced the show and a parade of favorite characters from Buzz and Woody to Cinderella and Prince Charming also took the ice.

Disney on Ice Frozen Anna Elsa
It was magic and frozen just like an ice show should be.

Disney On Ice Presents Frozen will debut the first nine shows in Orlando before moving on to its next city. If Disney On Ice Presents Frozen will be in a city near, it is a must see!

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