Back To School Style From Kohl’s

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My mini fashionistas love to shop for new clothes, which is probably a good thing since every time I turn around they have outgrown everything in their closet – again. So they love the annual back-to-school hunt for new clothes.

Shopping for new school clothes always means a trip to Kohl’s for a great selection of comfy play clothes. My favorite kids brands at Kohl’s are Carter’s, Jumping Beans and Sonoma and once again I wasn’t disappointed. I love that I can always get a great deal at Kohl’s, and I never go without a coupon in hand. Plus if you shop when during Kohl’s Cash time, you earn rewards to come back and shop for free later! (Can you tell I am a regular!)

Elementary Style

K is now a “grader” (which is what the PE coaches call them), and I feel like she is on the border of some clothes being too “cutesy” for her. She defiantly has her own sense of style, and has no problem letting me know if she doesn’t like something. Which is good, really, because the last thing I want is to buy something for her and then she never wears it. (Isn’t that the worst!)

This is K’s pick for her favorite outfit because – rainbows and owls, of course. I like that the tunic came with leggings. It has that high-low thing going on so it really isn’t long enough to wear without the leggings. So that means this Florida girl will have to wait a few months to wear it to school, but she is really excited.

Weavers Girl Animal Tunic & Leggings

Kohls Rainbow Owl Dress Kohls Rainbow Owl Dress
She also spotted this hoodie from across the room and had to have it. She is so not the sporty type, but she loves the hood and the “love” in bling. Yes the sleeves are too long, but they can be rolled and perhaps she can wear it next year too? (Here’s hoping!) 

SO ”Love” Stud Hooded Top

Love Hoodie Kohls
Kohls Love Hoodie Tee
Have you discovered Magic At Play by Jumping Beans at Kohl’s yet? We are big fans, and when I saw that the new line includes Frozen and Sofia the first, I knew my girls would be all over those clothes! Since these days no little girl’s wardrobe is complete without a Frozen shirt (or two), K insisted that this shirt was a must!

Anna and Elsa Shirt and more Frozen Clothes

Frozen Anna Elsa Shirt Jumping Beans
And little sister couldn’t be left out!

Frozen Anna Elsa Clothes Kohls

Preschool Style

Do I even need to explain to you Sissy’s favorite outfit? (Notice the “Anna” braid.)

The Frozen Anna Shirt… 

Frozen Shirt Pants Shoes Kohls
The Frozen Yoga Pants

Frozen Magic At Play Kohls
The Frozen Shoes… (They light up too!) This is one happy (and stylish) preschooler!)

Frozen Shoes Kohls
Speaking of Magic at Play, could there be a sweeter dress than this purple Sofia the First dress complete with a purple jewel/amulet?! She loves the twirly skirt, jewel (and, of course, those shoes!). And while pretty, still comfy enough for school and play too. 

Sofia The First clothes

Magic at Play Sofia the First Kohls
For comfort and cuteness, preschoolers can’t go wrong with a scooter skirt and tee. And this cuteness further feeds my owl obsession! The perfect outfit for preschool. 

Jumping Beans Owl Top and Pink Hearts Scooter Skirt

Jumping Beans Owl Outfit
Whew! Not pictured my girls also got matching long sleeve “Best Sister” t-shirts. While they both love them, my models were tired and it was 90 degrees so they got a pass on showing you their sister tees!

Best Sister Shirt for Toddlers and Big Girls 

Best Sister Shirt
Bonus for mom – After all of my shopping, I also earned Kohl’s cash. And with my Kohl’s cash I treated myself to a new skirt! 

If you haven’t checked out all of the styles Kohl’s has for back to school, you are missing out. There are tons of styles for girls, boys and yes, even mom!

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  1. Oh my gosh, the pictures of the girls together is adorable! I love shopping at Kohl’s for back to school clothing for my daughter. They always have a great selection and the prices truly are affordable…without coupons!

  2. I love your girls’ outfits. I hope their first day is a great day! I love Kohls too. My family makes fun of me saying I should work for them because Im always telling what they saved me and the sales going on! Kohls has great clothes. Little fights with my boys. We agree on more outfits than any other place.


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