Effortless Meals For Back To School

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In an ideal world every night at 6 pm my family would sit down together for a home-cooked meal. Our favorite meals would be sprinkled in among a variety of new and exciting dishes and flavors. But this is the real world.

Home-cooked meals are a luxury that there just isn’t time for every night. We still eat the vast majority of meals made from scratch, but there are nights when we barely get home in time to eat — let alone cook. For example, dance night when baby girl dances from 4:30-5:30 and big sister from 5:30-6:30!

On crazy nights, an effortless meal is a must.

One particularly busy Monday I had to swing by Walmart for a few things (snack for preschool!), and while I was there I picked one of Walmart’s Effortless Meals. A fresh rotisserie chicken, a side-dish and a two-liter of Coke for $10.44. Well, that’s easy! 

Walmart Coke Effortless Meals
Needing a vegetable to serve with dinner, I also grabbed some frozen green beans.

Back at home, I heated up the beans and green beans, carved the chicken and dinner was served in minutes. 

Effortless Meals Walmart
Common, does dinner get any easier than that on a busy school night?

The best part was that everyone gobbled up dinner. My girls were very unsure of the baked beans, but after trying them both had seconds and thirds! My oldest declaring that she’ll eat baked beans any time — score!

Walmart’s Effortless Meals come in several varieties including various flavors of ready-to-serve rotisserie chicken, subs and pizza all with a side and a Coca-Cola. While we really enjoyed the traditional rotisserie chicken, next time I want to try the lemon pepper. Side dish options include baked beans, macaroni salad, potato salad, cowl slaw, chips and more. And all of the meals are under $11 (sub and pizza meals are less than chicken meals). 

Walmart Coke Effortless Meals
After dinner, I took advantage of the My Coke Rewards offer for Effortless Meals. In addition to the MCR points under the lid of the two-liter, I also unlocked 10 bonus points for the meal. As an active MCR member, this was a big score. 

By the way, are you a My Coke Rewards member? If you drink Coke products you should be. I’ve been a member for years, and I always save up my points for gift cards. I am a big fan of free rewards programs that pay me in gift cards for things I already buy anyway! 

Have you tried Walmart’s Effortless Meals yet? Which flavor is your pick?

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