Jamin’ Tunes With The HEOS By Denon Wireless Sound System

tsm 2At any given moment there is music playing somewhere in our house. From a CD player in the nursery, to an iPod docked in the kitchen, we love jamin’ to some tunes. So the whole family was excited to check out our newest toy — a HEOS by Denon wireless multi-room sound system.

Denon HEOS Sound System
So what exactly is HEOS?

HEOS by Denon is a Wireless Multi-Room Sound System comprising a family of great-sounding music players for your whole home. You can enjoy your favorite streaming music services, internet radio or your own music collection and set-up is a breeze. There is a free app to control them from your iOS or Android phone or tablet.

My techy husband has been wanting to add a multi-room audio system for a long time and was thrilled when I shared the news we would be trying one out. If you are not familiar, a multi-room audio system allows you to place an individual speaker in each room and allows you to play either the same music throughout the house or different music on each speaker at the same time.

You can start building a HEOS system with one HEOS speaker, and then add more as needed for up to 32 total speakers, so expandability is no problem. The HEOS system uses your existing Wi-Fi network, so no additional wiring is required either. Or you can used a wired network cable if available.

There are currently three HEOS speakers available depending upon the size of the room. The HEOS 3 ($299.99) is ideal for small- to medium-sized rooms such as bedrooms, offices or kitchens, the HEOS 5 ($399.99) is ideal for medium- to large-rooms such as dining rooms, larger bedrooms and offices or smaller living rooms and the HEOS 7 ($599.99) is ideal for large rooms and open areas such as living rooms, patios or open-floor-plan homes.

HEOS by Denon Speaker
We have been using the Denon HEOS 5 system for the past few weeks and have a new go-to system for tunes.

Setup was easy and only took a few minutes. Just plugin the speaker to AC power and download the free HEOS app from the Apple iTunes or Google Play store. The app walks you through setting up the new speaker. We chose to use Wi-Fi, and the app showed us how to use the included 3.5 mm audio cable to connect from my phone to the speaker to join it to our Wi-Fi network. Everything was then ready to go and we started listening to our favorite Pandora channel.

The sound quality from the HEOS 5 is very impressive, especially from a speaker so small. It is more than enough to fill our open area kitchen and great room with no problem.


The HEOS system supports streaming music from Pandora, Spotify (does require a premium Spotify account), Tunein and Rhapsody, local music stored on your phone or home network, as well as plugging directly in with it’s aux input. There’s going to no shortage of tunes playing around here.

Unfortunately, we were not able to try out the multi-room capability of the HEOS system with only one unit, but I’m sure my husband will be looking to expand the system when his birthday comes around.

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