DIY Chevron Pencil Holder Tutorial

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A few months ago, we found K the perfect little desk, and I have been slowly filling it with fun accessories. But I haven’t been able to find her a pencil holder that I really liked. Temporarily she had them on a small tray, but they were getting out of control. With school starting back up in just a few short weeks, I want to make sure her desk is ready for work. So I decided to make one. 

Taking inspiration from the desk lamp I found on clearance at Target (Wha-hoo!), I created a simple pink chevron pencil holder. With the help of FrogTape’s Shape Tape, this easy craft came together in about 15 minutes (plus drying time). 

DIY Chevron Pencil Holder
I love the look of painted glass, and have been wanting to find an excuse to paint glass for a while now, so this was a perfect opportunity. But I defiantly learned a few things for next time, and there will be a next time because I am now totally obsessed with painting on glass. It is easy and the final product makes such a statement!


  • FrogTape’s Shape Tape
  • Glass jar or cup
  • Glass paint
  • Sponge paint brush

Frog Tape Chevron Craft Supplies
Decide on the placement of your chevron stripes and place the FrogTape® Shape Tape. The backing on Shape Tape is split down the middle to help with application, so I was able to slice the tape in half easily along this line for the top and bottom pieces. 

Tip – over cut the Shape Tape to help line up the shape in just the right spot at a peak or valley. 

Frog Tape Chevron Craft
To paint, I spread a line of paint all the way around the glass. I started by spreading in clean lines. But I decided to change the look and sponged over my lines with a second coat to give it a more textured look (as you can see later). 

Frog Tape Chevron Craft
This is where I learned something very important about glass paint. I allowed the paint to dry for about an hour, and then removed the tape before baking in the oven. Big mistake. Glass paint becomes a film before “curing,” so it comes off glass very easily. When I hastily pulled off the Frog Tape, I realized that the film was solid across both the tape and the glass.

FrogTape®’s PaintBlock Technology did a perfect job making sharp, clean lines, but I peeled off the paint. Oiy! 

Once I realized what was happening, I was able to peel more carefully and preserve the paint. And with a new piece of FrogTape®, I was able to patch my hole. Next time, I will take the tape off after about 5 minutes because at that point the paint is dry enough not to run, but wet enough not to stick. 

Frog Tape Pink Chevron
After removing the tape, glass paint must be cured either by air drying for 21 days (who has that kind of patience?!) or in an oven. Follow the directions on your glass paint for curing instructions.

Chevron Frog Tape Glass Craft
My daughter loves her new chevron pencil holder!

Chevron Painted Pencil Holder Craft
And it works perfectly with the lamp that inspired the project.

Pink Chevron Lamp Pencil Holder
Now that I have completed this painting project with great success, I can’t wait to use FrogTape® Shape Tape to create something else! What would you paint with FrogTape®?

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81 thoughts on “DIY Chevron Pencil Holder Tutorial”

  1. I have collected numerous wooden wine boxes over the years and I would love to use Frog tape to decorate them with paint.

  2. wow thats pretty neat, i so want to get a set of glasses and try it out. i just might have to, looks so neat, you could do so much. i think im going to do some dinner glasses and see what happens with those.

  3. I have been on a kick painting random walls in my house with stripes (with standard frog tape none-the-less), so I would continue the trend an paint an accent wall in my house!

  4. My daughter would like to get creative with this but I do like the idea of decorating some mason jars for storing pencils, cotton balls, etc.

  5. This is really cool. I have never heard of shape tape before. I would probably buy some canvas and make some custom art for my kids room. I’m sure I would think of many other uses too, maybe a pencil holder as well.

  6. Hi! I love how easy this project is! As I just moved into my own place, I’ve been doing different decorating projects. I would probably paint some vases and make a make-up brush holder. Too fun! Thank-you!!

  7. I’m not really the painter, but my son would come up with something awesome to paint in his room. He does that all the time.

  8. I have a plain wooden wooden box that I bought specifically for painting but plain stripes just seemed to boring. This would be perfect!

  9. I have some plain clear drinking glasses. I would paint these to brighten them up and match some of my dishes.

  10. I would tackle my book shelve, first! its hideous to say the least! Then My oldest sons room needs a make over into a more of a boys room and less of a toddler room


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