On The Tonight Show Set With Jimmy Fallon

Facebook was a buzz when the Tonight Show announced that it would tape at Universal Studios Orlando for four episodes. Everyone wanted the coveted tickets, and my husband managed to snag some. So Monday we did something we never do, we played hooky for the day — no work and no kids — and joined friends to visit Jimmy Fallon. 

Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon Orlando
After waiting in the blistering sun for our tickets we had several hours to kill before the show, so we grabbed lunch, a movie and even a little ice cream. It was a glorious kid-free day.

And then it was time for the show. As excited as I was, it killed me that I couldn’t bring my camera or use my phone! This was the last shot I got going in.

So, how was the show? Jimmy was funny, JLo was gorgeous and the whole experience was fantastic! We laughed at the jokes, boogied with the Roots and enjoyed everything about it. Well, almost. We finished taping at 6 pm, and JLo didn’t perform until 9 pm, something they neglected to tell us before the show so we couldn’t stay. Bummer! But the day was great, I wouldn’t change anything.

Bucket list item, check! 

Oh and I even made it on TV, a couple of times! Well, the back of my head did! That’s me! (Can’t you tell?!)

Tonight Show Audience Jimmy Fallon Orlando

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