Thank You For Helping Us Bloom DIY Class Teacher Gift

It is hard to believe another school year has gone by, and yet each day my daughter reminds me by counting down the days till summer. While I am still brainstorming the perfect gift for my daughter’s teacher this year, I want to share pictures of the gift I made to show our appreciation for her teacher last year. 

I was the room mom, so I was in charge of a class gift. We decided to give her gift cards, but I wanted to make the presentation something special. The end result was a gift that held the gift. 

Teacher Appreciation DIY Gift Idea

Originally I planned to make my own tags for the project, but I stumbled across these “Thank You For Helping Us Bloom” tags, which were perfect. So I didn’t bother making my own. The best part is that they were made so that you can easily personalize the tags. So I was able to make a tag for each child in the class. 

First, print all of your tags and photos of the children. Then punch them out with a scallop punch. Hot glue all of the tags onto the lollippop sticks, and when they dry hot glue the photos on the other side. 

Thank You Teacher Printable Tag
Place the foam block in the pot and cover it with shredded paper. Then carefully insert the silk flower followed by all of the flowering children.

DIY Photo Teacher Gift
Hang gift cards in a mini envelope from the stem of the silk flower and you have a gift that doubles as a gift card holder.

It is very simple to assemble, but it turned out very cute. And K’s teacher loved it

Thank You For Helping Us Bloom Teacher Tag

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  1. Thank you for such a sweet idea. It looks like you took a long time to get all the pictures and make a personalized gift. That makes every gift even more special. I am sure any teacher would love this! It could be something to put on their desk as they start the next year. Thank you and have a great day!! Smiles.


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