How To Get Relief From Itchy Allergy Eyes

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Do you have itchy allergy eyes? I do, and oh boy is it miserable. They itch, they get red and they drive me batty. This time of year I want to be outside enjoying our beautiful weather, after all that’s why I live in Florida, but every time I go outside, I am itchy. 

My saving grace? Visine-A for Allergy Relief eye drops. They are an absolute must in my arsenal against allergies. I never leave home without a bottle tucked into my purse. Unfortunately, I am still allergic to everything outside, and I still have other allergy symptoms to prove it, but at least when my eyes start itchy I can get fast relief. Just a drop in each eye, and ahhhhh…

Visine A Allergy Eye Drops
When a friend was itching at her eyes the other day while we waited for our daughters at gymnastics, I was shocked when she told me she had never tried Visine-A for Allergy Relief eye drops. (I don’t know how I would get through spring without them!) I was happy to tell her all about them, and recommend them to her for relief from her itchy eyes. 

If your eyes itch, burn, tear, turn red, swell and or water excessively from eye allergies, here are a few tips to help.

For Indoor Allergies:

  • Keep windows and doors closed to keep allergens out
  • Run air conditioners and air filters to sift out allergens
  • Clean and change the air filters in both furnaces and air conditioners to keep indoor air fresh and allergen-free
  • Use allergy-proof covers on pillows, mattresses and other bedding to keep dust mites away
  • Minimize carpeting that retains dust mites
  • Minimize clutter to reduce allergens
  • Clean regularly to remove allergies like dust, mold and pet dander

For Outdoor Allergies:

  • Check the pollen count each day – it usually peaks between 5AM and 10AM (a good reason to sleep in)
  • Shower after being outdoors to remove allergens that might have stuck to you
  • Avoid hanging laundry outdoors, as allergens can stick to your clothes
  • Wear glasses when going outdoors to help shield your eyes from allergens
  • Choose a daily disposable contact lens to minimize allergen accumulation

Above all else – don’t itch your eyes. 

Oh my goodness, you don’t have to tell me how hard it is. But the more you itch, the worse it gets. It can even spread more of the allergen into your eye from your eyelashes.

Even though I follow ALL of the above tips, I can’t totally rid myself of allergens. That’s why I always have Visine-A for Allergy Relief on hand to treat my symptoms as needed. Because I am not going to live my life, hiding inside when my yard looks like this. 

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