Donate a Pampers® Diaper by Watching a Mother’s Day Video

There is a lot of talk about moms for Mother’s Day. Praise for how strong we are, praise for how we take care of our little ones, etc. And it is, of course, well deserved. We moms rock!

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But here is the thing… without our kids, we wouldn’t have the greatest job in the world. We wouldn’t be moms.

This Mother’s Day, I intend to relax and hope to be a little spoiled. But I also plan to hug my kids extra tight and thank my lucky stars that they are mine. They will spend the day wishing me a happy Mother’s Day, but I will really be celebrating the day they made me a mom.

Becoming a mom means appreciating the world in a whole new way.

Bath time has never been so much fun.

I found a new appreciation for music.

Piano Baby
And I learned to love a messy dinner.

messy face 2
This Mother’s Day, Pampers® has launched a video that honors all of the special things babies teach us. Not only can moms relate to the #ThanksBaby video, also for every view or share of the video below Pampers® will donate a diaper to a baby in need. The goal is to give away 1 million diapers.

Want to donate a diaper? Watch the Pampers Mother’s Day video and then pass it on.

Pampers® Swaddlers have color-changing technology that activates when baby is wet. With up to 12 hours of overnight protection, Swaddlers are the number one choice of hospitals. Join Pampers® in helping show moms how much we appreciate their dedication every day.

Happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere, and thanks to the kids who made us moms!

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  1. I loved the video! I just hope my view and share aren’t too late. What a wonderful program, they are wonderful to do this. So many babies will benefit from their generosity! PS: What it said was true, I honestly felt reborn the day I had my son 25 years ago!


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