25 Fresh And Colorful Pasta Salads

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I used to have this broad idea that I didn’t like pasta salads. It stems from years of family gatherings that included heavy mayonnaise-based pasta salads that I did not like. Similar to the heavy potato salad, that I also do not like. Then I discovered that pasta salad is not just a heavy mayonnaise mixture. It can be anything and take on inspiration from all kinds of foods, and you know what —I love pasta salads.

Pasta salads can be light. They can be spicy. They can be fruity. And they can be delicious!

My favorite pasta salad to make is a Zesty Pasta Salad that includes tons of veggies and my recipe is party-size.

Perfect for picnics, potlucks and family gatherings. Plus because my family is picky, it does not include onions/peppers — so it is friendly too. (Although you could always add those in if you please.)

Zesty Pasta Salad

The best part about most pasta salads (other than the taste) is that they are fairly easy to prepare. Cook, drain and cool the pasta, then dump in all ingredients. Of course, some are more elaborate with homemade dressings… but I usually stick to easy.

Pasta salad for a dinner entree, an appetizer or a side dish, it is your choice. Just don’t say you don’t like pasta salad until you have experimented with you own favorite flavors!

On the hunt for a new favorite pasta salad, I rounded up 25 pasta salads I would like to try on Foodie. And not one of them is loaded up with mayonnaise! Fresh and colorful, they are a great way to get your veggies in! And as spring warms up, and it is time for a light and fresh dish, like a homemade pasta salad. Enjoy.

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25 Free Colorful Pasta Salads

3 thoughts on “25 Fresh And Colorful Pasta Salads”

  1. 25 pasta salads seems like a lot of pasta salad, but then, summer is coming, with all its fresh vegetables and opportunities for cookouts and picnics, and 25 doesn’t seem like enough! Thanks.

  2. I love pasta salad as well. I’ve had to cut down on grains, but the recipes are still great. I just leave out the pasta and they still taste great with the wonderful dressing. 🙂


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