10 Free Children’s Kindle Books March 27, 2014

We gave my daughter a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I actually won it at a conference (so awesome), so it made sense to give it to her. But I was worried that we would rack up a big bill buying her books. She is just learning to read, and she loves it. So we want to encourage it, but I had visions of her soaring through e-books always wanting more. 

Well, it’s true. She loves getting new e-books. But I was surprised to learn how many children’s e-books we can get for free on the Kindle!

Since we are enjoying them so much, I have decided to start a series of posts sharing free Kindle books for kids. Today is the first round up. The best part is, you can read these books even if you don’t have a Kindle! Just download the free reading app and you can read from any smartphone, computer or tablet.

Free Kindle Books Kids 3.27.14

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Please note, Amazon can change the price at any moment. So be sure to check the price before you buy. 

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