Fellowes Air Purifier: Not Just For Dust – It Removes Germs Too!

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I have owned air purifiers my entire life. I have allergies. And because of my allergies to dust, pollen, dust mites, trees, grasses and everything else, I discovered long ago that running an air purifier in my bedroom help — significantly. 

I have tried many different brands over the years, but it was when I discovered my first Fellowes Air Purifier a couple of years ago that I learned air purifiers can truly be quite. My first Fellowes Air Purifier still runs 24-7 in my bedroom. 

While I am no stranger to the health benefits of an air purifier to allergy suffers like myself, I had no idea that air purifiers can also aid in the removal of the airborne germs that cause colds and flus. It makes sense, I just never thought about it before. 

Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifier DX55

In fact, the Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifier with a True HEPA filter removes 99.7% of the airborne particles including viruses, germs, dust, mold, pollen, ragweed, pet dander, cigarette smoke and more. Designed for rooms up to 195 square feet, it easily cleanses the air from your average size bedroom.

I don’t know about you, but in my house I will try just about anything to keep cold/flu germs from spreading like wildfire through our house. I already Lysol every surface, changing out towels and linens and keeping hugs and kisses to a minimum. Now I clean the air too with my Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifier. 

Learn more about Fellowes’ four-step process to remove cold and flu germs in your house and tips for entertaining the kids when mom is sick.  

In addition to being very quiet, I like the Fellowes AeraMax™ DX-55‘s sleek design. Air purifiers used to be massive (and loud), so I appreciate the slim profile. Since I already have a Fellowes Air Purifier in my bedroom, the new purifier lives in the hall outside my daughters’ rooms. While there were some questions from my toddler about “dat thing” when it first arrived, it is so quite she hasn’t mentioned in a week. 

Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifier DX55 Side

Another think I like about the Fellowes AeraMax DX55 is that it has automatic filter change indicators — the display panel actually lights up when filters need to be changed. (Cause you know I am not going to remember to do it without a reminder!)

And, of course, automatic mode. Set to automatic, Fellowes purifiers reve up when they sense extra airborne particles that need removal and settle back down after the air is clean. A constant reminder that it is hard at work without me having to do anything extra!

So how well does it work?

I have been running the Fellowes AeraMax™ DX-55 in my house for about two weeks, and when I opened the filter up to check on it there was visual proof of the gunk that is being removed from our air. (Of course, germs and other pollutants are too small to see — but you can see the dust!)

Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifier DX55 HEPA Filter

The Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifier keeps the allergens in my house down and removes airborne germs. I like a product that does double duty for our health! 

The Fellowes AeraMax™ DX-55 is available at Best Buy. 

Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifier DX55

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16 thoughts on “Fellowes Air Purifier: Not Just For Dust – It Removes Germs Too!”

  1. My sister needs this at her home. She moved a year ago and everyone seems to be sick constantly. She even had people come to check for black mold but maybe if the air was kept clean now it woul help

  2. Several of my family members suffer from allergies and I think this would definitely help. My grandsons have also been sick a lot lately so this would help prevent it spreading.

  3. My husband suffers from allergies and seems to feel like he is coming down with something every week. I would love to try this air purifier to see if it could help him.

    • That sounds like me, and I will tell you that I seriously think having one in my bedroom has helped me. Changing the filter is GROSS proof of how much junk is removed from the air. I highly recommend air purifiers for allergy sufferers!

  4. I would want one in every room in my house! Love that it does not make loud noise and that it removes germs too! With a new baby on the way this would be beneficial for us!

  5. I spent literally the entire month of February (and a little of January) fighting off sinusitis, and that was the second time this year. Ugh. I really need to look into getting something like this. Being shut in the house during the long winter really wreaks havoc–all that germy, dusty air just keeps getting recirculated by the heating system.

  6. I would love to have a couple of these – one for the master bedroom and one for my girls’ room. My mom had lung problems, so I absolutely believe in the benefit of cleaning the air in your home. It makes a huge difference.

  7. This product would be great for us with our sesonal allergies… Also with all the germs that are moving around our house lately… we have all had cold after cold! We could really use something like this. It seems nice and compact… This would be great in our upstairs by or in our bedrooms!


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