Keep Your Christmas Lights Lit With Light Keeper Pro ~ Giveaway

Christmas lights make me happy. If it was socially acceptable (and husband approved) I would without a doubt leave my Christmas lights up year round. They are just so happy and twinkly. Even now, I am writing and staring at my Christmas tree full of lights (but no ornaments yet), which has been up since November 1. Makes me smile.

Last year, our CLO (that’s Chief Light Officer AKA my hubby) discovered a new gadget to help my twinkly lights shine bright. And since the man has never met a gadget he didn’t have to try, he bought one. The Light Keeper Pro fixes Christmas lights.

You know how when one bulb goes out, the whole strand goes out? (Yeah, makes my hubby nutty too.) We all know that a broken light strand is typically the result of one burnt out bulb that prevents electricity from flowing through the rest of the strand. In theory, a “shunt’ is supposed to close off the electricity to that light to allow the rest of the strand to stay lit, but that doesn’t always happen.

This is not the look you want for your Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Lights

One can fix said problem by checking each bulb to see if it is burnt out, but who has time to comb through a strand of 30-50 lights looking for one dead bulb? At Christmas time – no one!

Light Keeper Pro

The Light Keeper Pro makes fixing your lights easy. With a few clicks, the Light Keeper Pro sends a current of electricity through the strands of lights to activate the backup shunt and relight your strand of lights. No more checking each bulb, just click until the lights come back on and replace the single bulb that doesn’t come back. Check out this instructional video to see the device in action.

My husband used the Light Keeper Pro on our lights last year with success. There were a few strands that just could not be fixed – hey they were almost 10 years old. But others came back to life easily and quickly.

Christmas Tree


This year we upgraded all of our Christmas lights inside and outside to LED, so we were excited to learn that this year there is an LED Keeper. We haven’t had to test it out yet, since our lights are new, but we are ready. So our house can look bright and beautiful all season long. 

Christmas Lights At Night

The Light Keeper Pro is available on Amazon for $16.71 and the LED Keeper for $18.99.

Light Keeper Pro LEDTwitter Party

Join me November 26 at 8 pm EST for a #WattsUp Twitter Party. We will be talking about Christmas decorating, keeping those lights in tip-top shape and giving away Light Keeper Pros. During the party we will giveaway 5 Light Keeper Pros and one grand prize of a $100 gift card, RSVP for the #WattsUp Twitter Party here.


FIVE lucky winners will receive a Light Keeper Pro.

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Contest ends December 6, 2013.

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45 thoughts on “Keep Your Christmas Lights Lit With Light Keeper Pro ~ Giveaway”

  1. Love this! What a time saver. And I do keep lights on my Ficus trees year round. As you said, it just adds happiness year round!

  2. We typically have to wait for a weekend where my hubby doesn’t work Saturday night, but now that the kids are older we’ve been doing it earlier and earlier. This year we may actually do it December 1st!

  3. The outside lights go up after Thanksgiving. Inside I keep a tree up all year round and update it sometime after December 1st.

  4. My husband did ours on Dec 1st, and we could really use this, half of every string of lights wasn’t working and just when we thought we had fixed the problem and put them on the house they wasn’t working!! My husband had to change every bulb while up a ladder until we found the problem bulb


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