Peppermint Vs Spearmint What’s Your Flavor?

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There are many important questions in life. While not the deepest question, this is an important one, “Are you a peppermint or a spearmint person?”

It seems like most people are a fan of one or the other. Whether it is gum, candy, lip balm, lotions, etc., most people have a clear preference. I was curious, so I did a very unofficial poll on Facebook of my friends posing the question. And my poll revealed that people are pretty split down the middle with nearly 50% preferring peppermint and the other 50% spearmint.

The spearmint folks mentioned things like, “It doesn’t take my breath away like peppermint,” and “It is sweeter.” And I agree.

Me? I am spearmint all the way.

Whichever side you fall on, people love mint flavors. And regardless of people’s preference when I mentioned peppermint and spearmint most people assumed I was talking about gum. (They are so smart because I totally am!)

Orbit Gum Spearmint Peppermint

NEW Orbit Value Packs – in peppermint and spearmint – are now available at Dollar General. More gum, less money. So you can save on your favorite minty flavor and keep your breath smelling fresh for less. 

At Dollar General you will find Orbit® value packs that include two seven-piece packs (for a total of 14 sticks of gum) with the option of your mint flavor of choice — spearmint or peppermint.

Next time you are in the mood for some minty flavor, head out to Dollar General to stock up, save and Chew Orbit®.

Two questions remain. Are you a gum chewer? And what is your flavor, peppermint or spearmint?


34 thoughts on “Peppermint Vs Spearmint What’s Your Flavor?”

  1. I have to go with Spearmint Orbit it is the best. But you should try the Kids orbit, it is the best tasting gum I have ever tasted!

  2. I love gum! And I lean more towards spearmint, although I like both. My kids prefer spearmint because it isn’t so “hot.”

  3. I love Orbit gum! I grew up with spearmint gum a lot and it’s still my favorite but I do enjoy peppermint too. My family likes the variety this brand offers. There’s always a flavor for everyone!

  4. I do chew gum sometimes and when I do it is always spearmint. My husband chews all the time and his favorite is spearmint too.

  5. I chew peppermint only. Unfortunately for me, spearmint is my main migraine trigger. It’s not ideal but luckily life got much better once I figured it out!

  6. I never really thought about it. I guess I like both. I grew up drinking mint tea since it was a favorite of my grandmother’s. She always new the difference between the two. Me, not so much.

  7. Spearmint! I have to agree with Kamla as well since I have always loved mint tea. Peppermint reminds me too much of Christmas (candy canes), so it shouldn’t be year-round.

  8. I go with Peppermint. My mom always bought Wrigley’s Spearmint gum when were kids, and she gave it to us in the car on long trips. To this day, the smell or taste of any spearmint reminds me of being carsick!

  9. Spearmint is my flavor but I can’t enjoy sugarless gum because the mannitol and sorbitol have dire effects on my digestion, alas, and I would never chew sugared gum

  10. Yes, I am a gum chewer but my husband is even more so than I am. His preference is Peppermint while mine is Spearmint.



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