Our Dogs Give ALPO® Wet Food Two Paws Up

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Just like children, dogs have their own eating personalities. One of my dogs, Bella, eats anything and everything in sight. If her big sister, Bear, isn’t quick enough — she will even gobble down her meal as well. Bella is like a vacuum cleaner and has no off button. On the other hand Bear is not only picky and slow, but she also wants to eat her food just so – dumped onto the floor. (She’d really like to be hand fed, but I refuse to let my husband do so.)

Every once and a while, my girls get a little something extra on their dinner. A few bits of chicken, some chicken broth just a bit added to their dinner. Last night I gave them a new kind of treat — ALPO® wet dog food

(They were not impressed by the can.)

Alpo Dog

Because my little girls have sensitive tummies, I added just a bit of the wet food to their dry food dinner. In fact, this idea is actually one of Alpo’s tips that you can find on ALPO’S HOMEPAGE:

Switching your dog to ALPO® from another dog food is easy. Each day feed more ALPO® and less of the previous food, until you’re feeding ALPO® exclusively. A gradual transition over 7 to 10 days will help keep their system happy!

Because we always serve our dogs dry food, I really wasn’t sure what to expect inside the can. In my mind, I pictured mush. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the can and saw what looked like real meat inside. It even smelled like real food. It looks kind of like a beef stew – without the veggies, of course.

From the moment the can opened, the girls smelled something new in the air too. (Now that can seemed very interesting.) I couldn’t mix up dinner fast enough for my dogs who were now begging at my feet.

Alpo Wet Dog Food With Dry Food

Finally the taste test.

Bella, not surprisingly, never looked up from her bowl. Making the loudest gulping sounds, she even licked her bowl clean. Even picky Bear attacked her dinner with gusto. After a bit, she slowed and wanted it dumped on the floor, but mean mom made her eat it in the bowl (gasp). Eventually she polished off every bite (as I held back Bella). 

I’d say my girls thought the ALPO® wet food was a great treat. And it was certainly more healthy for them than the table scraps we’ve been known to add to their meals. (Hangs head in shame.) Another tip from ALPO®’s site:

Dietary supplements are typically not required when feeding nutritionally complete and balanced food like ALPO®.

Alpo Happy Starts Here

For my dogs, adding ALPO® to their dinner was a special treat. But because it is just dog food, I don’t have to worry about their little waistlines (a real problem for Bella). A nice way to show my girls how special they are while keeping their health in mind.

For more tips and lots of pictures of cute dogs, check out ALPO’s Facebook Page.

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42 thoughts on “Our Dogs Give ALPO® Wet Food Two Paws Up”

  1. I don’t buy wet food often because I am really bad about choosing what is good for them. I buy dry dog food that has no corn ingredients. I would love to see how they do with wet foods.

  2. I dont have any dogs but my friends do, I will have to let them know about the two paws up un this Alpo. Bella and Bear are just too cute!

  3. I think its important for dogs to have food that actually taste like food and from looking at this … if its not, it sure looks like it

  4. Every once in awhile I’ll get something like this for my dog or cat. It’s a nice treat for them and if it helps keep them healthy and from putting unnecessary weight on it’s a plus.

  5. I tried this once for my dog. She really liked it. I don’t feed my pets canned food on a regular basis as it can stick to their teeth, but I do give it as a treat every once in a while and my dogs love it.

  6. What cute dogs!! My dogs always liked Alpo as well. I actually had a dog snub a pricier brand which was shocking! I guess he knew what he liked!

  7. My Dachshunds love Alpo. We mix it in with their dry dog food, because they will not eat dry food without wet food. Alpo is their favorite.

  8. We don’t have a dog BUT we go through the same issues with our cats. We started out with Friskies canned cat food and gave them fancy feast as a treat…well then our one refused to eat the Friskies. So we had to start to buy the fancy feast for ALL the time and gave them their medleys for a treat. Same thing happened. Then our one cat couldnt take it anymore….she was older so I understood. So we started to get their appetizers and she was ok with them. She has passed now, so we continue with our 2 cats BUT the picky one, is now having some issues with the appetizers. UGH! I have no idea what to do….it took me 2 YEARS to break him of getting canned food in the morning AND night so I can only imagine how it would be trying to cut it out ALL together esp now that the younger cat now bugs for it now also. (they have 2 different dry foods sitting around the house so they wouldnt starve if i took it away). Guess we will just have to see…..

  9. Awww! Such cute puppies. Makes me want another. Thanks for the review. I tend to buy the same dry food all the time but this review makes me think that I should consider purchasing a wet food.

  10. Oh, your little ones are SOO cute! I’ve never had dogs – I had cats in the past, but we’re preparing to add a doggie member to our family, so this review was pretty awesome. I remember with the cat food, it never seemed like I was giving them something good – it smelled nasty and looked like eating would be punishment. I’ll keep this in mind when we get our new little friend!

  11. my dog is a free eater so i give her dry food because wet food would dry out before she ate it all. also wet food is more expensive! sometimes though i will purchase a can and give it to her a little at a time as a treat.

  12. I didn’t know Alpo was still around. Growing up we always had dogs, cats, parrots etc. I remember Alpo from back then. They were like a household brand name back then. Do they still make Alpo commercials?? I haven’t had any pets since I’ve been an adult because I’ve always live where they aren’t allowed. Your babies are so adorable!

  13. Your dogs are so cute!! We used to have a dog and we feed him Alpo. He loved it and was always a very healthy dog. If we had a dog I would trust Alpo again.

  14. Gosh, those are some cute dogs! We have four mutts that we love dearly but we rarely give wet food to because it is not as good for their teeth as dry. They do like an occasional treat so I’ll be looking for Alpo at the store soon!

  15. Our dogs love Alpo Prime Cuts and it’s our choice of canned foods to feed them.
    We have been mixing it in their dry food of a night for quite some time.



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