Superior Source Vitamins Are Teenie, Tiny And Melt In Your Mouth ~ Giveaway

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Traditionally taking daily vitamins has been a tough pill to swallow — literally. I know they are packed with vitamins and minerals we need, but do they really have to be so BIG?

The answer is no. They don’t have to be.

I recently discovered Superior Source vitamins, and what makes this brand of vitamins unique is that the vitamins are not only tiny — I mean teenie tiny, but they also dissolve in your mouth. No more horse-sized pill to swallow, you don’t even have to swallow Superior Source vitamins with water. (Why did I not know about these things when I was pregnant?!)

Look how small.

Superior Source Vitamins Size

And here is the best part. Not only are the small and easier take, but the special way they are made with MicroLingual® “Under the Tongue Technology” helps them to be absorbed by the body faster and more efficiently than traditional vitamins. 

Interesting facts about Superior Source vitamins:

Traditional tablets require binders to hold them together, contain needless fillers and excipients that leave less room for the active ingredient. That ultimately means consumers have to take more of them (or swallow a larger pill) to get the same amount of actives found in a superior source Microlingual® tablet.

Our soft molded Microlingual® tablets are simpler, but more active, natural and healthy. They contain no excipients and rely on a small amount of acacia gum to hold them together. That results in a much more concentrated product approximately a tenth of the size and weight of an equivalent standard swallowed tablet. Microlingual® tablets are smaller, but more efficient.

This month, I was sent the Superior Source line of vitamin D products to try. The line includes:

  • Baby D 200 IU
  • Children’s D 400 IU
  • D 1,000 IU
  • D 5,000 IU
  • D 10,000 IU

Superior Source Vitamin D

Why vitamin D?

When my oldest (now 5) was a baby, no one mentioned vitamin D to me, ever. But from the first visit to the pediatrician with my baby girl (almost 2 now) the doctor wanted to know if I was giving her a vitamin D supplement. Because I exclusively breastfed my daughter until she was 20 months old, she fell into the new(ish) guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics:

The AAP recommends that all infants and children, including adolescents, have a minimum daily intake of 400 IU of vitamin D beginning soon after birth. Exclusively and partially breastfed babies should receive 400 IU of vitamin D each day starting in the first few days of life and continuing up until babies are weaned to at least 1 liter or 1 quart of vitamin D fortified formula or milk a day.

But we get vitamin D from the sun, right? My pediatrician agreed that my Florida baby was much less likely to have a deficiency than say a Seattle baby, but still, was it worth the risk? 

70% of Children in the United States are Running Short on Vitamin D.

Why do we need vitamin D? Because it enhances immune system function and supports the development of strong bones, teeth, and muscle. Plus for children and adults there are many health-promoting benefits to gain from vitamin D such as:

  • Supporting bone health and muscle tone
  • Maintaining a stable mood
  • Enhancing immune system response
  • Enhancing absorption of phosphorus, which supports metabolism and energy
  • Maintaining healthy blood glucose and blood pressure levels already within the normal range

In the past two years, I have read more and more articles about the importance of vitamin D supplementation for children and adults. Now with Superior Source adding extra vitamin D to your daily routine is easy with no big pills to swallow. 

Superior Source Vitamins D

Where to get it?

When though Superior Source Vitamins have been around for 40 years, I was unable to find a local store that carried them. So for me the best place to buy them is online. The entire line of vitamin D products are available on Amazon.

Free Sample!

Superior Source is currently offering a free 30-day supply of your choice of vitamin D products via its Facebook page. (Just pay $4.95 shipping.)


THREE lucky winners will receive a Superior Source prize pack containing Superior Source vitamin B-12, C, Children’s D and Adult D – a $55 value.

Superior Source Vitamin Prize Pack

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  1. I currently take the Women’s One a Day Petites so they’re tinier than the normal sized ones but I still have probably swallowing them so I’d like to switch them for Women’s Multi-Vitamin Complex

  2. I want to swap out my boring Vitamin C tablet for a Superior Source Vitamin C, 500 mg “Tangy” Orange Melts. Sounds tasty having it in an orange flavor.

  3. I currently take no vitamins, but would love to switch to taking Womans B Complex (I am both vitamin B and C deficient) or Biotin. I’ve been wanting to take Biotin for a while now because both my hair and nails will not grow!

  4. i’ve been looking for something like this, jen, thank you!! my kids can’t swallow pills but they can do teeny tiny dissolving things. we all need vit d. for sure

  5. I currently take a b vitamin that is also sublingual but HUGE and it takes forever to dissolve. I dislike the taste and really hate having it my mouth for 5mins+! I’d totally swap that bad boy out for Superior Source!

  6. I do not currently take a vitamin so I think I would start off with the Women’s multi vitamin complex or the one daily value

  7. I would swap my vitamin A for the Superior Source Vitamin A & D, I would also like to try Just Women Healthy Skin Connection, Healthy Hair, and Pep ‘n Energy.

  8. I would like to try the hormone balance formula microlingual vitamins. Maybe they could help with some of my symptoms.

  9. I wouldn’t mind swapping my Women’s ultra mega vitamin from GNC for the Just Women – Healthy Skin Connection and the Just Women – Healthy Hair since that’s what I’m taking the GNC one for.

  10. I don’t take vitamins but I should 🙁 I get a B-12 shot every 4-6 weeks, however. I’ll trade that for dang near anything lol.

  11. I take Vitamin C, D and a multi-vitamin and I would swap them all. I would also love to try their Head-Ade, I get tons of headaches and I would love a more natural headache medicine.


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