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They start off as pets, but soon they become more — they become family. 

Toy Yorkie

This is Bear and Bella. (Yes, they are full grown – they are 7 and 8 years old.) They are toy Yorkies, and they were our first children. Oh how we spoiled them as pups with fancy collars, toys and yes… we even clothed them. We are too busy to spoil them like that, but making sure they eat well is still a top priority. 

Just like with our children, as dog parents we want to make sure we are feed our dogs food that will keep them healthy and happy. 

ALPO® knows that just like with children, dog parents want to feed their dogs food that will keep them healthy and happy. That’s why it makes dog food with 100% complete and balanced nutrition for each life stage using healthy protein source, wholesome grains and accents of veggies. Yes, protein and veggies — just like my kids get. 

You can learn more about ALPO’s line of wet and dry dog food on ALPO’S HOMEPAGE but first check out this cute ALPO® commercial:

One thing my dogs have struggled with is weight control. Can you believe it, weight control on these tiny dogs? But actually it is a big problem for the little ones because even one extra pound makes a big difference when they only weight 5-6 pounds. 

Since Bella especially would eat herself sick if we don’t watch her, we have to be very careful with not only what she eats, but how much she eats. Portion control is very important, so I found these tips on Alpo’s website very helpful (and interesting). 

  • A healthy weight on your dog shows like an hourglass figure, literally. Do an Overhead Check by looking top down on your dog. You should be able to see a waist behind their ribs. If not, might be time to adjust feeding amounts and exercise.
  • Don’t forget a measuring cup. When dishing out your dog’s food, use a measuring cup for making sure you’re sizing meals that suit your dog.
  • Is your dog a healthy weight? Give ‘em a Rib Check. Put your thumbs on your dog’s backbone and spread both hands across his body. You should be able to feel his ribs. If not, might be time for a doggy diet.

For more tips and lots of pictures of cute dogs, check out ALPO’s Facebook Page

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