Snap Crackle And Pop On Over To A Twitter Party September 25 #EasytoDigest

tsm 2I am a die-hard cereal girl. I would be happy to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh wait – I have been known to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner (true story). One of my favorite go-to cereals is none other than Rice Krispies. And when it comes to cereal, milk is a must. Love me some cereal milk.

Some how I ended up with a daughter who won’t eat cereal with milk. She likes cereal, but (gasp) she eats it dry. Blah! I keep trying to convince my milk-loving daughter that cereal would be so much better with milk without success. That is until I introduced her to Rick Krispies. 

You see, dear ‘old mom told her about a secret message that she could only hear if she added milk — a “Snap, Crackle and Pop!” And the rest is history, suddenly my daughter will eat one cereal with milk. I guess it is a start. 

Rice Krispies Box Logo

One of the reasons I choose Rice Krispies for my family is that it is a simple and nutritious breakfast — it is “Easy to Digest.” (And it doesn’t hurt that it tastes great too.) With simple ingredients and without tons of sugar, it’s a winner in my book. 

Tomorrow I will join Rice Krispies in a Twitter party to talk about cereal and a few of the “hard to digest” family moments that parents often encounter with their young children like the one in this video — that I can TOTALLY relate to:


Join me September 25 at 12 pm EST for an #EasytoDigest Twitter Party

Moms look after their children’s every need from the moment they enter the world. And as toddlers grow into preschoolers and beyond, moms continue the nonstop but all-important work of making smart, simple, nutritious food choices. Although it’s not always easy, Kellogg’s can help. Made with simple grains of rice, Rice Krispies are as easy to digest as they are to scoop up with small hands – making them a great simple food choice that is gentle on little tummies.<

The Motherhood is teaming up with Rice Krispies to host a Twitter party to dish about simple, nutritious foods for kids. We’ll be joined by special guest Dr. Laura Jana—a pediatrician and award-winning author who will share advice about choosing simple, gentle foods for young kids.

Join the conversation to win prizes and learn how you can make simple, gentle food choices for your children!

Where: We’ll be on Twitter – follow the #EasytoDigest hashtag to track the conversation. You can see the details and RSVP via this Twtvite.

Prizes: We will be giving away five Rice Krispies prize packages including Rice Krispies cereal, a bowl, a placemat, a bib and a VISA gift card!

Hosts@CooperMunroe@drlaurajana@theMotherhood@theMotherhood25  and @SuburbanMomClub

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