Back To School Shopping At Kohl’s = Great Finds & Great Prices


Are you a Kohl’s shopper? If you like good deals on great stuff, you totally should be. I know it sounds totally cheesy, but I 100% agree with the Kohl’s slogan, “The more you know, the more you Kohl’s.” 

I’ve been a Kohl’s shopper for years, ever since they opened one near me. All of my years as a Kohl’s shopper has taught me that there are great deals to be found on all kinds of things at Kohl’s from home basics to kids clothes, seasonal decor to toys. Every time I shop at Kohl’s I walk out surprised with a wonderful find.

Shopping for back-to-school styles for my daughter resulted in exactly what we needed – and what I was panicked about not finding in time.

Armed with a $10 off $30 coupon that arrived in the paper and a 30% off coupon because I have a Kohl’s credit card, we went in search of clothes. K has grown an inch since April, so it is time for new clothes (again). 

The first thing K spotted was a pink shirt that says, “Daddy’s Princess.” There was no way we were getting out of the store without it, and for $8 – 30% off why not!

Daddy's Princess Shirt

Next K found a display filled with Hello Kitty outfits. After trying on every single one, she settled on this adorable ballerina Hello Kitty shirt with matching fluffy pink skirt. Simply adorable, right?!

Back To School Hello Kitty

Notice the backpack and lunch bag in the picture and remember I mentioned that I said I found something I was panicked about not finding in time – those were the all important items that we searched everywhere for. We looked at so many bags – for weeks – without finding the perfect one. Most bags were too big (emphasizing how tiny my baby that I am sending off to school is!), and those that were smaller either didn’t please mom or didn’t excite K.

We were down to the wire (one week to go) when we passed a pink backpack with silver polka dots on our way out of Kohl’s. We almost missed it, but mom went back to look at just one more thing and there it was. Made out of canvas, it is smaller, light and adorable. K loved it immediately. Originally $60 it had a price tag of $29.99, but it rang up $24.99 – 30%! (Plus that $10 coupon that came off everything.)

Finally, the lunch box. I wanted one with a top and bottom compartment, and K wanted Princesses. Again, we had looked everywhere and suddenly this one on sale for $8.99 – 30%. Perfect.

Back to School Kohls

Last but not least even though baby sister isn’t starting school, we have a thing for owls and couldn’t pass up this cuteness. (It’s even cuter in person because the little owl has nice details.)

Owl Outfit

In the end, we walked out with 2 outfits, a shirt, a backpack and a lunch box for $65 + $10 Kohl’s cash (earned for spending over $50) to spend (it spends like cash – $10 off $10 or more on anything!). This weekend I am headed back with my Kohl’s cash plus another 30% off coupon and another $10 off $25 coupon — that’s like $20 of free stuff!

Speaking of deals – Kohl’s currently has two coupon codes that you can combine when shopping online. Everyone can use the code CARNIVAL to save 15% through 8/18/13, and if you have a Kohl’s card you can save an additional 20% with the coupon code PENCIL20. Plus free shipping on orders over $75. (Make sure you check out the clearance section for some really awesome deals!) 

I love Kohl’s for back-to-school shopping — and year-round shopping! 

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