Wonderful Memories Of Pistachios ~ Giveaway

I lost my grandfather nearly 10 years ago, but every time I eat a pistachio I am reminded of him. Yes, a pistachio. My grandpa introduced me to pistachios when I was a girl staying with my grandparents to attend summer camp. I instantly fell in love with one of his favorite snacks, and will always remember sitting in their kitchen cracking pistachios and happily munching — usually while playing cards. 

When I was little I needed assistance in cracking my nuts, but before long I was able to crack with the best of them. I once asked my grandpa why he didn’t just save time and buy the pre-shelled nuts, and he explained that if he bought pre-shelled nuts he might eat the whole container. The process of cracking nuts slowed him down and kept him from eating too many at once. Grandpa’s version of portion control.

My 90-year-old grandmother has similar memories of grandpa and his pistachios, and so for the past several years she has taken to gifting each member of the family with their very own bag of pistachios — for every possible occasion. That means a one-pound bag for each member of my family, wrapped in gift paper for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, etc. No joke. That’s four pounds of nuts five or more times a year for my family of four.

It’s a really cute tradition, but it’s also a lot of nuts. That’s one of two bags from grandma currently in my pantry pictured below. 

Wonderful Pistachios My girls won’t have a memory of eating pistachios with my grandpa, but they will have memories of opening bags of nuts on Christmas morning! 

Not only are Wonderful Pistachios a nice memory and a yummy snack, but they are a healthy nut too. Since I never have to buy my own nuts, I didn’t know that Wonderful brand pistachios also come in single-serving size bags. The single-serve bags are great for a quick snack with 5 grams of protein and only 120 calories — just make sure you have somewhere to toss your shells.

The Wonderful brand also offers Wonderful Almonds (my second favorite nut), Wonderful Almond Accents (perfect for salad toppings) and even Pom Wonderful (yummy pomegranate juice that my family also loves). 

If you are looking for a new snacking option for yourself or the kiddos, try Wonderful Pistachios. Who knows, you may even created your own wonderful lifetime of memories. 

Wonderful Pistachios Almonds Giveaway – One lucky winner will receive a Wonderful prize pack that includes two of each Wonderful Pistachios, Wonderful Almonds and Wonderful Almond Accents plus a Wonderful shopping tote and a Wonderful beach towel. 

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181 thoughts on “Wonderful Memories Of Pistachios ~ Giveaway”

  1. I felt like I was reading my own story….my Grandpa enjoyed pistachios as well. When he was in assisted living, the care package I sent him always included a bag of pistachios! I love love pistachios as well!

  2. Pistachios or almonds–that is an impossible choice! But if I could only have one of them, I guess I’d have to go with almonds, just because they’re so yummy in baked goods.

  3. My favorite nut is a pistachio. I remember during holidays the shells were green & red, messy hands but so much fun!

  4. Pistachios are my all time favorite. We take them to the movies instead of popcorn (and we don’t throw the shells on the floor)

  5. pistachios are definitely my favorite! i do love almonds in my salads though….thanks for such a nice and yummy giveaway!


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