A Dream Come True Disney Princess Party

My daughter loves to host parties, so I guess it is a good thing that I love to throw them as much as she does. Every few months we seem to come up with some reason to have a celebration — birthdays, holidays, end of school, etc. So it came as no surprise when she started asking about hosting another party. After a couple of weeks of asking for a party, she was beside herself with excitement when I told her I was planning a Princess party.

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Disney Princess Party Ariel Rapunzel Cinderella Decorations

Although I tend to go over-the-top with homemade decorations, favors and goodies, I needed to keep this party low-key. (Well, low-key for me.) Instead of making my own decorations, I turned to Hallmark for its selection of Disney Princess themed decor at Walmart. Every detail of this perfect princess party came from Walmart including the awesome cake, and you can see more about my purchases and the selection available at Walmart.

Unfortunately, even princesses get sick, so at the last-minute our guest list was cut in half. But that didn’t faze my party-planning princess who was just as excited with two guests as she would have been with four guests. For days leading up to the party, she asked me about every detail of the party, and now that the day finally arrived she couldn’t wait to share all of the fun with her princess pals.

Disney Princess Party Table Decorations

When her guests arrived, Princess Aurora greeted Princess Jasmine and Princess Rapunzel with pretty pink beads and the party was quickly underway as the girls gathered to color their royal portraits. (I printed princess coloring pages from Disney.com.) Coloring/crafting is my favorite way to start a kids party because it channels all of that pre-party excitement into something kids can concentrate on.


Click the image below to print your own Disney Princess coloring pages.

Disney Princess Coloring Pages

Once every page had been colored, it was time to move on to a little craft. I was so pleased when I found a simple pre-packaged princess craft — decorate your own wands, and the girls were just as pleased. While the princesses happily colored and crafted, the queen (me) had time to finish preparations for the feast. (Another reason I love to include crafts — a mini break for mom.)

Disney Princess Party

After lunch, royal PB&J of course, it was time for cake. And what a cake it was. I could not have been more pleased with the way the cake turned out. Yes, it was total overkill for three little girls, but the smaller cake was more expensive, so I decided to go with a larger pull-a-part cupcake cake. Plus my K loves chocolate cake, while her BFF only eats vanilla. The cupcake cake gave me the flexibility of offering both. And after the party, we made all of our neighbors happy with a sweet delivery!

There were so many cute designs to choose from, and priced at only $19.99 for 20 cupcakes I was very pleased. (While I was there, I spotted an Ariel cake that will be perfect for a certain two year old’s birthday this fall.) While I highly recommend these cakes, I should not be allowed to handle them. After carefully pulling the cake out of the box, I left to get my camera and came back to one side of mush. I guess I tipped it too much when I slid it out of the box. Oppse! So never mind the smooshed flowers on the bottom left of the cake.

Disney Princess Cupcake Cake Walmart

Following cake, I let the girls wind down with a little princess movie. To keep them all focused, I choose Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams. Although my princess has seen it dozens of times, I figured the others had not and it would keep them entertained. I was right! They were enchanted, and it was the perfect way to wind down before heading home.

Of course, no party would be complete without favors (or so says K). And these princesses didn’t leave empty-handed. In the Hallmark party aisle, I found a favor pack that included wands, temporary tattoos, stickers, a maze and rings. Then I found Disney Princess lip gloss and nail polish in the toy aisle — perfect for princesses.

Disney Princess Party Favors

Instead of pre-packaging the party favors, I used them as part of the decoration. Filling glass mason jars with treats and scattering others on the table the girls were able to enjoy the rings and wands throughout the party. When it was time to go, everyone was allowed to take one of each favor to fill their bags.

Disney Princess Party Favors Crafts

All of the princesses had a wonderful time, and deemed the party a royal success. And I loved that I was able to get all of the ready-made party supplies from one place. Easy shopping, easy party prep and easy clean up.

Disney Princess Decorations Party

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  1. I love that they all dressed up! It just adds to the fun! I got a bunch of these Hallmark supplies for a Cars party and will be using them for my son’s 3rd birthday in a few months. He loves Cars and I love how easy the Hallmark supplies made for me to plan!

  2. What a memory maker for your girls! I know my Emma would just die for a party like this… Thank you for the ideas!

  3. This is very awesome! I really love this Disney princess themed party. I would love to have this kind of birthday party for my cute little baby I know she will love this because she is a great fan of Disney processes.

  4. Very cute party! I tried to click on the coloring pages, but when on Disney.com i can’t find the pages. How did you find them? Can you send the link? Thank you

  5. Very cute! When I click on the coloring pages it does not come up on the Disney website. I even searched for them… How did you find them and can you send the link? Thank you!


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