Earn Box Tops For Education When You Shop Online

This fall, K will enter Kindergarten (tear) and collecting Box Tops For Education will become more important than ever. We had a taste of what K was like (crazy) collecting Box Tops when her preschool offered an ice cream party to the class that brought in the most Box Tops, but somehow I have a feeling Kindergarten will take this to a whole new level.

Because mom can only buy so many boxes of Kleenex and Ziploc, I was excited learn about other avenues to collect Box Tops. Thanks to Box Tops for Education telling me about more ways to earn BTFE and for sponsoring this post.

The Box Tops For Education Marketplace

Box Tops for Education Marketplace

Did you know that BTFE has an online marketplace where you can find more than 300 online retailers like Old Navy, Target, Toys R Us, Walmart and more? And when you shop through at any of the participating marketplace retailers, you can earn BTFE for your school.

Box Tops for Education and its online Marketplace have helped nearly 90,000 schools across he country earn more than $525 million since the program started in 1996. Box Top earnings are unrestricted dollars that schools can use for whatever they need most – from textbooks, laptops and musical instruments, to playground equipment, field trips and basic classroom supplies.

When you sign up for a BTFE Marketplace account, you are able to designate a school to receive your eBoxTops. Then when you shop, those eBoxTops are automatically donated to your school of choice on your behalf. It is as easy as signing in, finding the merchant you want to shop and making the purchase you planned to make anyway. Like regular BTFE, the eBoxTops don’t cost you anything extra – a win-win for you and your school.

Box Tops for Education Marketplace Registration

After a quick and painless registration process, I was able to see my school’s goals and earnings for the 2012-2013 school year. 

Box Tops for Education Earnings

After checking out everything, I decided it was time to go shopping. My first stop was Old Navy (mom needs some new tees) where I was able to earn 2 box tops per every $10 I spent.

In addition to shopping online, I also discovered that you can buy gift cards to some of your favorite retail stores to earn BTFE. And like online shopping, for every $10 you spend in gift cards you earn eBox Tops. For example, earn 2 eBox Tops for every $10 in Lowes gift cards and 2 eBox Tops for every $10 in Kohl’s gift cards. 

This summer, get a jump on your BTFE collecting by making it a habit to check the BTFE Marketplace before you shop online. From summer toys and gear to back to school supplies and clothes, you can start earning money for your school before the school year even begins.

Even if your child isn’t school aged yet, consider signing up and registering to donate your BTFE to the school your child will someday attend. It is never too early to start supporting your school, especially when you can do so without costing you a dime.

Before you shop online, check the BTFE Market place so that you don’t leave any eBoxTops behind.

Do you collect BTFE? What does your school do with the money collected?

4 thoughts on “Earn Box Tops For Education When You Shop Online”

  1. I love this program! My school is involved, and I got to add to it at Blogher12 last year, there was a booth set up by Hanes and whatever I caught translated into box tops for my son’s school!

    • I will 100% be on the look out for that booth at BlogHer13. Of all the swag, I would love to come home with BTFE — my daughter would be thrilled. (Will I see you at BH this year?)

  2. I am a big time fan of collecting the box tops. I have been collecting them since my oldest was in preschool and she is 16 now. I need to remember to try to see if I can earn them when I shop online though to earn even more.

  3. Wow.. never knew this existed. I have never collected box tops, mostly because we hardly eat foods that have them. But, great info to pass around to others who have kids in school.


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