Iron Man 3 Spoiler-Free Review

Action? Check. Interesting plot? Check. Humor? This is Iron Man and Tony Stark delivered, so double check.

Iron Man 3 – just as good as I hoped it would be. A definite must-see. (Because it is a must-see, I will take extra care not to spoil the movie.)

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When a new evil force threatens America, and more importantly those Tony Stark loves, Iron Man once again sets out on a mission to save the world. Putting on a brave face, he publicly challenges the terrorist called The Mandrin to come and get him, but privately he finds himself much less confident in his own abilities still haunted by his brush with aliens and Gods in The Avengers.

Channeling my inner nerd, I have been excited to see this movie for months (just as excited about Thor in the fall and Captain America spring 2014) Marvel and Disney just keep getting it right. With clever plot twists, a harrowing mid-air rescue scene (Barrel of Monkeys!), tons of action, lots of Iron Man suits and a precocious little boy who reminds Stark who he is, this movie has it all. And it left me wanting to go back and re-watch Iron Man I and II and The Avengers. (Although not enough to sit through an entire Iron Man Marathon being held at AMC on May 2 and Cinnemark on May 3. I think I will stick with Netflix.)

Does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?

Tony Stark Iron Man 3

While Tony Stark struggles with inner questions about his abilities and the crippling fear that he is “just a man in a tin suit without any real superpowers,” Iron Man 3 opens the door to larger role played by supporting characters who led him down a path of discovery.

As a fan of Pepper Pots, I was happy to see that her role in the Iron Man series continue to grow. In Iron Man 3 she finds herself playing the part of a powerful executive, the damsel in distress, and ultimately a hero all within one movie. Go Pepper!

However, it is a small boy, Harley, who is ultimately the one who is able to help Tony Stark see past his issues and get back to basics. Reminding him to do what he does best, tinker, Harley helps Stark find his inner strength and rediscover his purpose as Iron Man.

Upon saving the world, yet again, Tony Stark is literally and figuratively left a changed man when he answers the question — It is the man who makes the suit.


To take the kids or not to take the kids?

With people regularly being blown up and an overall darker tone, Iron Man 3 is decisively more violent than it’s predecessors. My daughter is more into rainbows and butterflies, so clearly it is not a movie for her. However, a friend had her five-year-old son in the audience when I saw the movie. While he reported that he liked the movie (while clutching an Iron Man mask), mom admitted that it did not hold his attention. My recommendation is for older kids.

I was invited to a media prescreening of Iron Man 3, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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