How To Clean The Air Inside Your Car With Fram Fresh Breeze

I am such a girly-girl. When it comes to car things, I’m 100% guilty of just letting my husband take care of it for me. He takes care of maintenance, cleaning, even gassing it up for me, most of the time. I am spoiled, and I will happily admit it. So the following conversation should come as no surprise, but still I totally felt like a dumb blonde.

Me: “Did you know there is an air filter in the car that cleans the air inside the car that we breathe? And did you know that filter can be changed? How cool is that?” (Excited.)

Hubby: “Yes. That is part of the maintenance package on your car, it is changed when we take you car in.”

Me: “Oh, I thought I discovered something new that might help my allergies.” (Disappointed.)

Hubby: “Nope, but it can’t hurt to change it more often.”

Yeah, apparently this is not revolutionary news to people who know cars. And apparently my filter has been changed before, although I have been unable to figure out exactly how often it is changed – it looks like once every 15,000 miles. Since I have 26,000 miles that means once – it was definitely due.

As a long-time allergy sufferer I am surprised that I never thought about the cleaning the air inside my car. Because I am highly allergic to dust and pollen, I have special air filters on our central air at home. We even have an air purifier in our bedroom (that needs a regular filter change). Clearly it makes sense that the car would have one too, and yet I never thought about it. (Here’s hoping I am not the only one.)

The whole conversation began when I was asked to go to Walmart to get a Fram Fresh Breeze filter for my car. Fresh Breeze is a new product by Fram, it became clear just how new when I had to visit three Walmarts to get my hands on the product that is just now being rolled out to stores nationwide. Don’t worry though, I was assured that it will be everywhere soon.

Fram Fresh Breeze Car Air Filter

What makes Fram Fresh Breeze filters unique is that they include the odor absorbing power of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda embedded within the carbon filter. So not only does the carbon filter remove 98% of contaminants such as dust and pollen from the air before circulating it inside the car, but the baking soda helps neutralize odors.

Armed with a new, clean filter for my car. I watched a short how-to video about where and how to install the new filter. Then hubby and I headed outside to change the filter. It was shockingly simple. Open the compartment behind the glove box, slide out the holder, take out the old filter, plop in the new filter and close it back up. The whole process took about two minutes.

Not only was my old filter clearly dirty, with visible pollen and dust, there were even leaves on the filter. Definitely time for a change.

Spring Cleaning Changing Car Air Filter

It was an easy fix to help clean pollen and dust from the air we breathe in the car. The filter for my car cost $18.94, and Fram currently is offering a $3 mail-in rebate when you purchase a Fresh Breeze filter, so you can clean you air for less.

How To Clean The Air Inside Your Car With Fram Fresh Breeze

Step One – Purchase a Fram Fresh Breeze Filter for your car. You can check online to figure out the filter number you need or you will find a book (similar to a phonebook) in the aisle at Walmart with all of the Farm filters. Search by manufacturer, year and model to find the filter for your car.

Fram #FresherCar

Step Two – Watch the short video to learn how to properly install your new filter.

Step Three – Install filter.

Step Four – Submit your rebate and enjoy clean air in your car.

Fram Fresh Breeze Air Filter Rebate Coupon

When was the last time your cabin air filter was changed? Did you even know it could (and should) be changed regularly?

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  1. I totally need to try this because my husband keeps complaining about the air in his car. My son got car sick a while back and I think that we cleaned it really well and I don’t notice a smell, but my husband swears that there is a bad smell. He’ll like this product.


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