Happy 5th Birthday K

Five years old. She’s not a baby any more, she’s a little girl. I look at her, and I am amazed. How did she get to be so big? (When did I become the mom who ohhs and awes at how big her kids have gotten? Five years ago, I guess…)

K is a loving little girl with a heart of gold. She aims to please, and professes her love for friends and family with great, big, knock-ya-over hugs and art work. Our budding artist loves to create projects and gift them to everyone and anyone. (Her art is taking over the house.)

When she grows up she wants to be a rock star and our tiny dancer regularly puts on performances for anyone who will watch — singing and dancing.

Her favorite show is Octonauts, which she is 100% CRAZY about. We call her out Octo-nut. For her birthday party she decided on a Strawberry Shortcake Party, but about a month ago she started talking about an Octonaut party. It was already too late for this year (mom starts early), but she is already determined that her 6th birthday party will be Octonaut themed.

She is starting to learn to read and is looking forward to attending the “big girl” school in the fall. (Mom is not ready for this milestone!)

Signs that she is growing up – she has finally mastered riding a bike and is no longer afraid of the big slide at the park.

My favorite birthday tradition… looking back at birthday’s past. Here is my girl on each of her past birthdays.

Happy birthday K! We love you.


March 13, 2013


March 21, 2012

March 21, 2011

March 21, 2010

March 21, 2009

March 21, 2008

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