Recording & Watching Your Favorite TV Shows Just Got Easier With The Hopper

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I am not ashamed to admit, we watch a lot of TV in this house – a LOT. In fact, catching up on TV shows while I blog right now. We have two TVs that can each record two shows at once, and frequently we have all four tuners taping at the same time. Organizing our TV shows, which TV will record which show, is like a jug-saw puzzle.

The Hopper™ from Dish Network eliminates the puzzle, simplifies recording more of your favorite shows and enables you to watch your recorded shows anytime, anywhere — anywhere.

Eliminate the jig-saw puzzle

With PrimeTime Anytime™  from the Hopper™ you can record six different shows at the same time during primetime. Plus, you will never miss the premiere of a new show with the Hopper automatically recording three hours of on demand primetime ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC programming everyday making it available to you for up to 8 days from initial air date.

No more deciding which show to record in which room, with Whole-Home HD DVR Functionality the Hopper™ lets you have full HD DVR functionality on every TV, so you can pause, rewind and record live TV in any room. Plus, you can access your DVR library on all TVs so you can record a movie in the living room, start watching it in the bedroom and then finish in the kitchen.
 photo 730e2884-47bc-4bc4-90d2-ea67ab288570_zpsf5f56aa8.jpg

Watch your shows anytime, anywhere

Taking a vacation? No problem, you can access your favorite shows from your smartphone or tablet with DISH Anywhere™. With the DISH Anywhere app (for Apple and Android devices) and online portal, watch live and recorded TV including live sporting events, TV shows and movies – anytime, anywhere. DISH Anywhere also lets you take control of your DVR to schedule and manage recordings remotely.

Need entertainment on a long plane trip or car ride? No problem, with Hopper Transfers™ you can transfer your DVR recordings to your iPad with the free Hopper Transfers app before you leave the house and you can enjoy your favorite shows on flights or keep your kids entertained on a long road trip, even when you don’t have an Internet connection.

Think about all of the creative places you can watch your favorite shows — carpool line, doctors office or perhaps in the bathroom. That last idea comes from this view from Dish Network that is sure to make you chuckle.

One more awesome feature to fall in love with

Tired of commercials? With AutoHop™ you can instantly skip commercials in recorded primetime TV on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. Only DISH gives you ad free TV with AutoHop™ on the Hopper™.

Learn more about the Hopper.

That’s a lot of great features that eliminate the most common TV recording frustrations in our house.

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25 thoughts on “Recording & Watching Your Favorite TV Shows Just Got Easier With The Hopper”

  1. We don’t have the Hopper, but I can’t watch any of my favorite shows without recording them. Either I’m not around during airtime or the kids can’t watch that type of show.

  2. I watch a ton of TV late at night when I can’t sleep, so I’m always DVRing a lot of shows at once. I totally need this!

  3. I laughed so hard about the reclining toilet lol… too funny… wish mine would do that, but then hubby would never want to leave the bathroom!

  4. Modern Technology~~ Really has come along way since I was a kid..Lol! Right before I was born.Tv came into place. Then when I was around 10 or so colored tv came in the picture~~I wasn’t brought up in a world of push buttons & gadgets. When I was older the first microwave came out I was afraid to push any buttons I was Lost!lol! Then the remote control!! Oh Lord help me I couldn”t figure it out for the life of me..(stiil can’t)Just the on and off buttons..Then came the computer..Took me along time but I have finally figured out most of it…The cellphone now is a smart phone. Too smart for me! Then the Ipads and the Nook & Book and whatever..I have nothing to do with any of them..The only thing that I can see in the Video that I do like is no commercials..God Bless America.. <3


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