Lisa Loeb’s New Album “No Fairy Tale” Review ~ Giveaway

Flashback to the ’90s. Remember how you fell in love with Lisa Loeb’s melodic voice and acoustic guitar? I do. I can still remember the lyrics to “Stay” and “Do You Sleep?” (Watch out, I will sing them for you.)

I’d pop her cassette in to my tape deck and sing my heart out crusin’ down the road in my teal Chevy Cavalier (oh don’t laugh, you know you did too). She was cute and spunky with her funky glasses and she could sing. Lisa Loeb reminds me of being a teenager, and I love her for it.

Guess what? She’s back. And she’s just as cute and spunky as ever with her new release “No Fairy Tale.” (Times been good to Lisa, she looks great!) Technology isn’t the only thing that has grown up since the ’90s, so has Lisa’s music. Less acoustic and more upbeat, No Fairy Tale is an easy listen for the car or sitting at the computer working away (guess what’s playing in the background at my house right now).

I am not sure any of the tracks from No Fairy Tale have that gotta-memorize-every-lyric-so-I-can-sing-along-in-the-car feeling to them, but as a whole I’ll definitely add the album to my regular playlist.

Since I mentioned the ’90s, make sure you listen to the lyrics of “The ’90s” I bet you can relate too!

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Lisa Loeb No Fairy Tale


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This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Lisa Loeb. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

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