How To Make A Duck® Brand Duct Tape Gift Card Box

When a box full of Christmas themed Duck Tape® arrived, I couldn’t wait to create something. I had more ideas than rolls of Duck Tape® — wreaths, ornaments, trees, decor… Seriously, you can make anything with Duck Tape®. But inspiration struck when I poured over my gift giving list.

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Once again I am at a loss as to what to buy for my niece and nephew  Not only do they live out of state, so I don’t see them often enough to know what they need, but they are teenagers. Ultimately I decided to fallback on my old standby — a gift card. Of course, the key to making gift card giving exciting is the presentation. I could go out and buy a fancy gift card box or… I could make one!

Duck Duct Tape Gift Card Holder Tutorial Craft

Since I never throw anything away (closet hoarder here), I knew exactly where to find a pair of old jewelry gift boxes. Combining these free boxes and a little Duck® Brand tape — voila a cute and crafty gift card box suitable for gift giving. Here’s everything you need to know to make your own.


  • Duck Tape® in your choice of patterns (hint stripes are much easier to line up than polka dots)
  • Small box
  • Sharp (non-stick) scissors

Duck Duct Tape Christmas Craft

Separate the lid and box, you will want to wrap them separately. Tear a length of Duck Tape® that is slightly longer than three sides of your box lid. Place tape down the middle of the lid and fold the edges into the box.

Hint – I quickly realized I could see the logo on the box through the white stripes of the tape. So I cut a piece of white paper slightly smaller than the box lid and laid it on top before adding the tape. Worked like a charm.

Next, line up the pattern of the Duck Tape® and tear off another length of tape. (Hint, you will probably need a longer piece this time to line up the pattern.) Line up your pattern and press the tape onto the top surface of the box. Next snip a slit in the tape at the corners of the box, this will allow you to fold down the edge of the tape lengthwise against the lid.

To create a gift package look, fold the corners of the tape into the box creating a triangle. Then press the ends of the length of tape down, tuck ends into lid and make another slit in the tape at the corner separating the tape sides. Now you can press the folded corners in toward the box and tuck the ends into the box.

Duck Duct Tape Gift Box Tutorial

Repeat with the bottom of the box.

The end result — ta-da!

Duck Duct Tape Gift Box Christmas Craft

For an extra touch, add a pretty ribbon. Prefect DIY Duck Tape® gift card boxes.

Duck Duct Tape Craft Gift Boxes

Since I still have tons of Duck Tape®, I am already planning my next project.

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