Shop Your Way Personal Shopper: Helping Santa Plan For Christmas

My four-year-old daughter made her Santa list this week. Well that’s not entirely true, she made her list months ago, but this week she finally wrote her letter to Santa. It was the first time she wrote her list all by herself, and she was so proud (so was mom). Here is the final product:

Christmas Letter to Santa

In case you have a hard time reading it, her list says “Barbie Doll, Reading Books, Princess Play-doh, Surprises, Please.”

(She added the please without any prompting I must add.)

While her list is short and sweet, she leaves it open with her “surprises.” Luckily I already have plenty of surprises planned, but for those who need a little assistance, crowdsourcing with Shop Your Way Personal Shopper is a great way to help Santa plan for Christmas.

Make Christmas shopping easy for friends and family shop by making catalogs (aka wish lists) for every member of your family. As an added bonus, not only will they save money by signing up as a Shop Your Way Rewards member (earning points for every purchase made at Sears, Kmart, Land’s End, etc.), but you will earn commission all purchases too. You can even turn the tables on them, and ask them to create catalog wish lists for themselves to help you shop.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of my catalogs, notice three of the four items from her list. (Shhhhh…)

Christmas List

Ready to help make shopping easy for friends and family and earn commission while doing so? It is easy to become a Personal Shopper by Shop Your Way Rewards, best of all it is free. To get started, just sign up, then get your lists organized and make shopping catalogs filled with suggestions for everyone.

The best part is that when your friends make any purchase with their SYWR account (regardless of whether you helped them with the purchase or not), you will earn 1% commission. Another way SYWR helps with your budget; by helping you earn a little extra spending money.

Learn more about how to become a Personal Shopper with Shop Your Way Rewards and get started making a little extra holiday shopping money today.

I was compensated for this post, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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