Playing With Magic – The Disney Princess Royal Ball App

Let’s go, time to head to the store.

Wahhhh! Where are we going?


Wahhhh! Why?

We are going shopping for princess party supplies.

WHAT? YES! Let’s go!!!!

I said the two magic words – princess and party. And I had one more surprise up my sleeve for Miss I-never-wanna-run-errands-with-mommy. Not only would we be shopping for all things princess for an upcoming party, I also recently downloaded the Disney Princess Royal Ball App. While I shopped, she could play princess. So we headed out, destination “the princess aisle” – that sea of pink that K always begs to linger in “just a few more minutes.” (Am I a great mom or what?!) Follow our entire shopping journey in my G+ story.

Disney Princess Aisle Walmart Pink

In my mind, we were on a shopping trip. In her mind, it was play time. Just look at my pretty princess admiring herself in a talking, pink mirror. (Great toy placement, Walmart.)

Cinderella Disney Princess Dress Shopping

While big sis admired herself baby girl was busy oohhhing and aahhhing over all of the baby dolls. (I wish she would stay this age forever, she is as adorable as she can possibly be.)

Disney Princess Baby

Ready to keep the girls moving through the store, I introduced K to the Disney Princess Royal Ball App. (Insert squeals of delight here.) While looking through the app together (in the middle of the toy aisle), we discovered that we were to go on a quest to find three icons Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, the Disney Princess logo, and Cinderella herself.

The first icon was easy, in the princess aisle there is no shortage of dolls, toys and costumes emblazoned with the Disney Princess logo. Holding the phone up to a logo, we were magically granted access to the Rapunzel and Snow White costumes. Now I could put the app the real test – keeping K quite while mommy shopped for party supplies.

Disney Princess Royal Ball App

While I wondered through the aisles, K happily played with my phone stopping only to approve of items as I placed them in our cart.

It wasn’t long before she realized that I could take her picture in the costume she “created” so we paused a few times to snap pictures of my princess in costume.

Disney Royal Ball Princess App Walmart

With giant displays to celebrate the re-release of Cinderella, finding a Cinderella face to unlock the next costume was easy too. But that Fairy Godmother proved to be more tricky. Sure she was on a lot of packages, but not in the right pose and my phone would not recognize it  I was nearly ready to give up until while snapping a picture of my princess I noticed one more Fairy Godmother in the background. Success.

Along our shopping / scavenger hunt path, we discovered that Walmart carries Cinderella’s pink dress too! (You know, the one the mice make for Cindy and her step sisters destroy.) Since we already have a Cinderella dress and pink is my princess’ favorite color, she was giddy to find a pink Cinderella dress. (Me too.)

Cnderella Dress Pink Blue Accessories Walmart

The final trigger was the Diamond Edition Cinderella Blu-Ray/DVD combo. Since baby girl was beginning to meltdown, and we already had the combo pack at home (hello, day it was released). We decided it was best to head out. So with a cart full of princess party supplies and a promise to unlock the last portion at home, we headed out. A successful trip and entertainment for all.

Note – If you haven’t downloaded the Disney Princess Royal Ball App, I highly recommend it. It is available on iTunes or in the Google Play Store. It can be played without a trip to Walmart to unlock the extras, so feel free to download it now and then next time you are in the area pop in to scan your triggers. (You might even have some of the triggers at home in your princess’ collection…)

Now that we have party supplies fit for a princess, I can’t wait for our Halloween Princess Party. I think it will be a royal good time. (I couldn’t help myself with the pun.)

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